‘Intentional’ Explosion Damages Downtown Nashville TN


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December 25, 2020 - Large ‘intentional’ explosion damages downtown Nashville Christmas morning (WXRN News)

December 25, 2020 - Explosion in Nashville that damaged dozens of buildings is believed to be an intentional act (CNN)

December 25, 2020 - Explosion that rocked Nashville on Christmas morning appears to be 'intentional act,' police say (FOX News)

I'm thinking several things. The person(s) didn't want any casualties but wanted a spectacle (downtown was basically deserted that early in the morning on Christmas day). The bomb was on its way to another location and was accidentally set off. It was on its way to another location and discovered and was intentionally set to cover evidence.


I am concerned as to the cause of this action in TN.

Our tensions with china, Iran, and Russia.
The recent "hack" onto "Solar-winds".
Then the Chinese/Russians Perform training.
U.S. and NATO forces do the same.
2 days later this bombing happens - which takes out communications for 5 states - multiple counties within those states.

Solarwinds are the guys who are responsible for tons of networked services. Its not a far stone to throw to say this guy was either an operative for either government, or other wise related to recent global events regarding the relationship with China. .
If the mainstream media drops the story on the guy, and everything about it - then it would be apparent to me that's the case; and things are by far escalating and the U.S. Government does not want the public to panic.

I was surprised you had not raised the DEFCON Level to 4 as a result of the recent news regarding China, Russia and Iran relations to the U.S.


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The incident in Tennessee is a domestic matter involving an American paranoid conspiracy theorist and is clearly unrelated to any of the countries you mentioned. I am not saying you should not be concerned about it; but I am saying it has nothing to do with the global nuclear threat level.

The Chinese and the Russians have conducted joint training before, as have the US and NATO countries. None of this is unusual. We have not observed any indication of the type of military activity from China, Russia, or the US that would indicate that anyone's defense posture has changed; therefore we would not raise ours. I realize 2020 has thrown a lot of people for a loop, but you have to remain objective, not connect separate incidents that are not related, and understand the difference between rhetoric, military exercises, and military activity that indicates something has actually changed.

Believe it or not, it is not easy for countries to "hide" their nuclear defense postures from each other, or the general public, if you know what to watch for.

As for Iran, there is some speculation as to whether or not they already have nuclear weapons in their possession, but they cannot attack the United States with them directly if they do, and they would be foolish to use nuclear weapons on Israel or any other country within range of their missiles because they would cease to exist as a nation in less than an hour. The Iranian leadership is fully aware of this fact, despite their saber rattling.

So for the moment, I would put nuclear war on the back burner of your concerns. What's happening in the US over the next month is going to be much more interesting.