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#BREAKING Iran’s Foreign Minister says a Swiss embassy official was summoned to the Iranian foreign ministry at 00:45 am Tuesday to receive Iran’s “important message to the US” as the “supporter of Israel” following the airstrike on Iran’s consulate in Damascus that killed seven IRGC officers including two top generals.
Video compliments of various Hezbollah attack mission against Israeli armored tanks and vehicles on the northern border

#BREAKING: Hezbollah missiles target civilian areas in the Israeli Galilee

Lebanese sources report that Hezbollah is now launching anti-aircraft missiles from the Bekaa valley
Daniel Hagari, @IDFSpokesperson, says to CNN: According to Israeli intel, the Damascus strike hit a building that is not an embassy or a consulate, but a Quds Force military structure. Iran has been dragging the region to escalation & uses proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq & Yemen
No injuries reported as multiple rockets fired at north:
Hebrew media reports say around a dozen or more rockets were fired at Nahariya and surrounding towns.
The Magen David Adom rescue service says there are no reports of injuries or rocket impacts.
Videos shared online appear to show rockets being intercepted in the sky.

Most civilians in the northern part of Israel near the border with Lebanon have been evacuated and vacated since the early days of the start of the Hamas war.

So any major escalation on the Lebanese border won't result in to much civilian deaths or at all as they have all long been moved out of the area. At least the Israeli side. Not sure if Lebanese government has done the same on their side.
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