50 thousand Germans, Dutch and Belgians lined up in a 90-kilometer chain against nuclear power plants


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Participants in the international demonstration demanded the immediate disconnection of the nuclear reactors Tianzh-2 and Dul-3, in which many microcracks were found.

According to organizers of the action, about 50 thousand people took part in it. They are lined up in a 90-kilometer circuit from the Tianzh nuclear power plant in the Belgian city of Yui through Maastricht in the Netherlands to the border Aachen in Germany, reports DW .

Two weeks before the action, it became known that 70 new cracks were found in the reactor vessel "Tianzh-2" during the ultrasonic examination. Minister of Security and Internal Affairs of Belgium Jan Yambon argues that the safety of nuclear power plants is not in danger.

When carrying out a similar inspection in 2015, a total of "about 3,149 signs" were found, which could indicate damage in the reactor tank "Tianzh-2".

In 2016, German parliamentarians criticized Belgium's decision to leave the Tianzh and Dul nuclear power plants in operation and issue iodine tablets to all residents free of charge. A number of politicians, public organizations and communes are in favor of disabling these nuclear power plants.

Belgium's Tianzh NPP is located near Liège and about 70 kilometers from Aachen, and Dul is near Antwerp and about 150 kilometers from the German border. German experts consider their operation unsafe.


Belgium plans to completely abandon the use of nuclear energy by 2025. Initially, it was assumed that the reactors "Tianzh-1", as well as "Dul-1" and "Dul-2" will be shut down by 2015, but the Belgian authorities have extended their operation for 10 years.

Let's remind, on the border with Lithuania, Belarus is building the Ostrovets nuclear power plant. Our neighbor protests against such actions and calls for halting construction. Lithuania has already given up electricity from the Belarusian nuclear power plant.