5G has anyone ever asked why?


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We hear non-stop reporting on the race to 5G. Will it be dominated by the US or China.
Is it safe or does it cause cancer.
Welcome in the age of internet of things.

Here’s a question I’ve never heard asked.

Why do we really need this massive infrastructure buildout.
Everything from 5G repeaters on light poles to a fleet of low earth orbiting satellites to literally create a huge RF net encompassing the entire globe.

I’m not saying categorically we don’t need or would benifit from 5G, I don’t know.
I live in rural America and can down load a movie quicker than you can skip through the previews and FBI copyright warning on a disk.
That pretty damm fast.

So the question is what is it they have in mind for us.
Is it solely to improve functionality for personal devices and future human machine implants so we can google from a transmitter wired into our frontal cortex.
Or is it because they want to do a google search of our frontal cortex instead. No more scanning search history and purchases to see where a persons predilections lie. Just scan their mind and take a instant opinion poll of everyone.
Future crime anyone?

If as it appears we can be influenced so efficiently with social media how much better can we be influenced by cerebral connectivity directly to a 5G world.

Just thinking out loud here before the choice to do so is taken away from me forever.

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A little too paranoid for me. I live in rural American and can't wait for the LEOs to come out. HughesNet is a ginormous pain in the neck with ridiculous latency.

And if you're worried about "them" knowing your search history and purchases, they already know that. Your ISP already tracks you.


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Oh I know that it’s just curious to me why such a push with a high expenditure.
It’s supposed to require a much tighter net of towers and repeaters to deliver higher speeds.
Depending on how remote you are the higher speeds might not even achieved.
The low orbit satellite mesh is promising for remote areas though it would provide line of site to nearly everywhere.
I just get creeped out with the thought of google or amazon thermostats tracking which room we spend more time in, or TV watching us while we watch them.
Or how much noise our biological functions make when we make.
Remember just because your paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t always working for a way to glean more and more information on your life and habits. (Adapted to fit circumstances)