America Being the Worlds Policeman


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Saddly yes. The world has changed dramatically and any historical factors are almost irrelevant because almost every issue is in uncharted territory.

In order to keep the country and our allies strong we need to keep a strong arm in the global financial markets and sometimes by force shape it how we need it in order to maintain our military and our allies.
We stand strong with our allies that is not the issue.
But the matter of “fixing” the worlds problems and molding everything to conform to our will has to stop.
It is not sustainable, it will bankrupt america, but not the banks or corporations we’re told their too big to fail.
Our financial dominance was rooted in strong predictable legal system and an accountable financial system.
We have neither now, so we have to prop it up with military force.

Wanna know why their is so much panic anger in the world today?
It’s not because social media just spreads fake news and gets everyone riled up.
It’s because there is not a government or corporate monopoly on the news today.
The networks might try and silence a factual story but they can’t anymore.

Stories will get out and yes their will be a lot of crap but that’s just life.
The public that pulls it news from non traditional sources has had a steep learning curve on who to trust and what their own responsibility is in digesting non-trad media but it is having a massive disruptive effect in the world today and for the BETTER.

People are haveing to educate themselves into being adult consumers of news and opinion and not babies being fed applesauce.
We’ve been on apple sauce and mashed peas for way too long.
With a educated and informed population our nation might have a chance again as a democrat republic.


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It's what makes us unique and most prosperous nation on earth.

How else do you think we can build such a advanced massive bloated military & build up our allies?
We can't take over the world, but we can certainly shape it to our needs to make the world a safer more prosperous world for Americans now and in the future.

We have made it apart of being a superpower. Or at least one to be successful, stable, and safe.

Without controlling the money flow or wealth somehow around the world you won't be a superpower for long and history has shown us just that over and over.


I don't like the idea much either. But we can't have our cake and eat it too as a massive superpower.

But shaping the world & its markets sometimes by force has proven vastly effective over the century. You can't have the things you want or want our country to do without puppeteering the global markets to fund such a massive military and social net for all Americans.
Then don’t fund such a large military or social nets.
If half the effort and money that went into “puppeteering the global markets” was left in the hands and energies of Americans we wouldn’t need to be the puppetmaster or fund all these social programs.

This whole idea of sustaining social programs where did that come from?
We existed for a long time with out gov social programs. What do they add besides temporary relief and assuage the guilt of some and provide a means of control for others.

Yes there are times when people need help absolutely and for along time that was the job of the local church or community and it worked.
Who do you think started all the great universities and hospitals orphanage to name a few. It was the churches of the day. It was the community the people, not the gov.
Marx accused religion of being the opiate of the people.
Today government is the opiate of the people.