Armada of 45 Military ships


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Yes, there was and might still be a Naval Armada sitting a few hundred miles off Grenada, to their north east. They have their transponders turned off and have been doing there best to mask their presence since the 5th. They have been sitting out there in a pack then were reinforced from the eastern Atlantic by another 5 to 7 ships. From everything I have seen Venezuela is about to get a new U.N. Peacekeeping mission forced upon their heads after the mid terms. I would recommend to watch his other vids to get an idea of what has been going on and how close we are to having nothing but Communist in our backyard.

The question is did Hurricane Mike change the plans?


Bumping this due to the Brazil elections over the weekend and lots of chatter that the new leader of Brazil has an interest in invading Venezuela. I'm surprised there isn't more about this situation being posted here.