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Ask Me Anything 2023

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DEFCON Warning System

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Time for our annual Ask Me Anything. Where the Director will sit down and answer ask any question you want to ask. (Be reasonable, please!)

This year, we have some other Staff join in, depending on schedules. But look for the answers during this month's Digest, which will come out mid-month.

So hit us up with your questions. The can be about almost anything (even Battlestar Galactica!).
Come on guys, give us your questions!
Come on guys, give us your questions!
Here goes -

  1. Can you walk us through a hypothetical "DEFCON1" situation and how that might appear on this site? (Call it "COCKED PISTOL" to avoid confusion with a real event :) ??? ). I know the goal is to provide such notification a day in advance if possible. So what would we realistically see on the site? Depending on the speed of the event, would there even be a DEFCON status update? Are regular updates as even feasible as connectivity permits and information is available?
  2. What can we expect with respect to EMP effects? I've seen varying opinions on this. I have read Forstchen's book One Second After, which paints a very bleak picture of the effects of just EMP attack upon the US. Is this an accurate interpretation, or is this truly even known? Can we expect automobiles to work following EMP? (This answer could affect those who live near estimated nuclear targets and have "evacuation plans".) What about gasoline-powered generators?
  3. Off topic for fun: What is your favorite music genre?
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Would you please give us a synopsis of the "Arctic Dustup" that occurred several years back between the U.S. & Russia.
What did or did not really happen.
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