Asteroid activity near Earth is on the rise


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That's what I've been saying for a while... "I think we should invest in space defense... besides a laser that can guide Asteroids away if they are far enough.


There have been so many cry wolf scenario that have occurred, I just don't believe anything asteroid or comet stories anymore no matter what.

The only way Ill believe in such things is if the Goverment where to issue a warning. Not a news site, YouTube, or social media.

Its funny but this is the ONLY thing I'd trust the Government on if they where to issue a warning. :ROFLMAO:


Side note, anyone think the Goverment would warn of a incoming asteroid say big enough to wipe out just a city?

Than anyone believe the Government would warn about a planetary ending event from space?

Though I would assume this would eventual leak to public, how would the government be able to keep such a story underwraps if the planet was gonna die with evidence.

DEFCON Warning System

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besides a laser that can guide Asteroids away if they are far enough.
You don't need a laser to defend against Asteroids. You just need a triangle ship that spins around and shoots little dots at them!



It’s interesting to scroll through the comments under the video posted! There’s a lot of opinions and theories there. I personally don’t Think we will be told about the end or poss end. Too much mass chaos. I’m not sure I would want to know if it’s definite and nothing I can do


Worry when you don't see much news about asteroids, it's relatively easy to track and plot a trajectory for most astronomers, even amateur ones. They'd never show us if something was to hit.