Australian Military and US Military gathering in in the Queensland cape.


Philip Parker

In Australia one of the first locked down areas was the tip of Queensland Australia. There have been sporadic and very spaced apart movements of troops north today a C17 headed there unless going to PNG. Many of the vehicles normally located in the Atherton barracks have gone. Reservists are being called up when they are not really needed and they are pushing recruitment. I was in PNG late last year and there was a small cold war going on there between the US and china. I saw the US embassy be built in 14 days.

They have said the lockdown was to protect remote communities but they left out heaps of remote communities in that same area. Now this started happening 3 weeks ago. before QLD even had any significant corona virus cases.

Last October America increased it military presence in Australia significantly in the name of war games. The first ever live fire war games in aust they said. They have done war games here most of my life. in WW2 Far north QLD was a huge training ground. so we are use to war games. shit they involve us as hostages etc some times. Its never live fire and we were not involved in these most recent games which seemed strange to locals.
(400,000 American troops came here) way to many for war games. The Chinese didn't even conceal that they had surveillance ships traveling up and down our east coast during said games.

May is the only time the south china sea is calm enough for aquatic invasion forces to deploy from mainland china in their merchant navy. So I expect May to be when ww3 began.

Australia holds 70% of the worlds finite resources, you know the ones needed to build all these phones etc. Shit we got 70 - 80% of the worlds known uranium. Most parts of the top of Australia the top 3 feet of soil is the purest Bauxite (alumina) in the world. the cape has huge oil reserves we don't touch, the worlds largest artesian fresh water basin is under the north of Australia. Gold can still be found on the ground in FNQ.

We protect FNQ as it is a natural wonder of the world. the great barrier reef meets the thickest jungle. and we get 7m of rain year compared to the rest of the east coast which it is only 1m.

You have probably never visited but trees up here are 100m tall still and bigger than houses, there is millions of acre farms, the soil is red and everything grows here so easily.

the government have been told for years damming just a few rivers in FNQ could make Australia the worlds food bowl. yet the government knowing the northern threats have deliberately left it undeveloped. Our strategy is a fall back defence. fight backwards like we did on the Kokoda trail. Holding the line at Brisbane.