Belarus accuses Poland of violating airspace



the Belarusian Ministry of Defense accused Poland of breaching the airspace of Belarus by flying from Polish territory. However, the Operational Command of the Kinds of the Armed Forces informed that such an event did not take place.

According to the Belarusian Defense Ministry, the unidentified aircraft was supposed to breach Belarusian airspace by flying in from Poland at 20:45 on Monday April 12, after which it was to return over Polish territory. In connection with the incident, the Belarusian side called the Polish defense attaché for consultations.
A spokeswoman for the perational Command of the Armed Forces Lt. Col. Adriana Wołyńska , emphasizes, however, that such an incident did not take place, and that no Polish aircraft breached Belarus. She emphasized that the air border between Poland and Belarus is monitored by the Duty Operations Service, which did not record any breach of the border. She added that at that time military aircraft were not flying near the Belarusian border at all.