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Belgorod Russian Separatist Attacks | 5/22/2023

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⚡ Russia will react “extremely harshly” to further attacks by fighters entering its territory from Ukraine, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday.
The Russian military said on Tuesday it had routed militants who attacked a Russian border region with armoured vehicles the previous day, killing more than 70 “Ukrainian nationalists” and pushing the remainder back into Ukraine.
“We will continue to respond to such actions by Ukrainian militants promptly and extremely harshly,” Shoigu told Defense Ministry officials, in remarks published by the ministry.
Has there been any confirmation who carried out these attacks in Belgorod?
Without that isn’t all of this just an anomaly at this point.
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Has there been any confirmation who carried out these attacks in Belgorod?
Yes. CNN reports say it is separatists and Russia confirms this by saying they where terrorists and are opening a terrorism investigation.

Also CNN says it is not over. There is still Russian anti terror units sweeping Belgorod. Russian separatists claim to still be in Russia.

This video will sum up what I said better:
How many people does he have? I heard 75, but I am not sure how accurate that number is.

I'm not buying Russia's claim that all the attackers were killed.
I’ve heard that as well. I think they’ve (Russia) tried to underplay how effective and coordinated these incursions really are, and by the looks of it they’re well equipped too.
Ukraine Sources Claim It Is Over:
The Russians who carried out the Belgorod raid are already in Ukraine. In these photos, taken in the Sumy region, are fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps and the "Freedom of Russia" legion.

The "Russian Volunteer Corps" claims that two of their fighters were injured as a result of the operation, there were no fatalities, the "Freedom of Russia" Legion reported two fatalities. There are also reports of captured trophies - APCs, weapons and equipment. The volunteers call the operation a success, as they were able to enter Russian territory "unhindered" and return to Ukraine.
There is interesting news coming out of Belhorod, Russia. The Governor there has demanded that the local territorial defense militia, 3,000 strong, be issued weapons to defend their borders. Putin, however, is refusing the request. As a result, the Governor has asked Wagner/Prigozhin for help.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why Putin will not arm 3,000 civilians in Belhorod or activate the territorial defense militias in other areas along the border. Simply put, he is afraid of them joining the Belhorod People's Republic (BPR) and turning on him and his band of criminals.

And as far as Prigozhin helping, he has absolutely zero incentive to insert himself in what will only be an escalating political disaster for Russia. Also, he will not step on Putin's toes.

Has there been any confirmation who carried out these attacks in Belgorod?
Without that isn’t all of this just an anomaly at this point.
Hard to say that though isn't it? The equipment used in the attack was American, no? That's a bit precarious, I mean either we gave the "seperatists" arms or Ukraine did. If we did, that's bad.... If Ukraine did then they clearly have enough arms to now start funding their own proxy wars lol.
"Fresh from those raids, they held a brazen news conference near the Russian border in eastern Ukraine, with Volunteer Corps commander Denis Kapustin, who's known for his ultra-right-wing leanings, threatening more attacks."
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