Biden Admin. Invites U.N. Racism Investigators To Visit U.S.


I’d like to see the UN start investigating Muslim countries for their treatment of their women and homosexuals, communist countries for their treatment of “dissenters”, or some other actual atrocities rather than chasing phantoms to satisfy the woke crowd, but that would be asking the UN to be effective.


Could we get a refutation of the facts rather than mockery.
A obreid: This is not a mockery, given the director of this site did not explain why the USA should leave the UN, I think no, it would be very bad for the whole world. It would signify disunity. In the days of the League of Nations,
the old UN, Germany was out of it, you saw the rest ....
In conclusion, if the USA does not want to be part of a partnership
with the other countries, they will have even more enemies, already they have many!


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Sometimes you just get tired of feeding a den of snakes. The UN is an inbreed socialist organization that has totalitarian states running sub groups for the sole purpose of deflecting from their own crimes. The rest are ineffectual programs that accomplish very little and more times than not leave chaos and the people even worse. Not to mention a host a sexual abuse allegation in nations Its went into to “rescue” people.