Board Guidelines

DEFCON Warning System

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Be respectful to all members
- This means to act as if you were in public.
- Respect peoples opinions.
- No racist, sexist, or other wise offensive comments.
- Zero tolerance to Cyber-bullying. If I see it or it is reported, the person in question will face possible suspension/removal from the board indefinitely.

Do not try to scare people
- This is a board to gather and discuss world events, not to intentionally scare people.
- You may not being trying to scare people, but provocative and inciting words count.
- The world is going to end in 7 days because Putin said death to America” is not acceptable.

Do not post anything of conspiracy nature
- We are a board of facts, conspiracies have no place here. There is no New World Order, no False Flags, no Stonecutters Lodge plotting to take over the world. So don't post their nonsense here.
- Do not reference them in a factual manner. (Trying to prove them)
- Do not try to link certain events to conspiracy theories here on the board.
- Do not post links to conspiracy websites such as GLP.

Do not post unannounced U.S. or Allied Troop Deployments
- If you are in the military or know someone who is, and they have been called up to be deployed somewhere, do not post where they are going. We have received an official request from the U.S. military to not post this information. Enemy deployments, sure go ahead. But keep U.S./Allied deployments under your hat until the information is public.
- You may send this type of information directly to the Staff. We will use this as part of our overall analysis, but we will not make this type of specific information public. You can send this information anonymously to us if need be.

Look before you post
- Review what you are about to post.
- Make sure that it complies with the guidelines
- Make sure that it is in the correct section.
- Make sure that it is from an official news source and not from a blog, fake news site, GLP, or other conspiracy typed organisations (if posting a news link).
- Make sure pictures in the Humour section and/or other sections also comply with the guidelines.
- In all sections, please try not to post something that has already been posted, the second newest post will most likely be deleted.
- If you think that your post either shouldn't be posted, or does not comply with the guidelines, don't hesitate to contact the forum admin.
- Twitter is acceptable in most cases but should not be relied upon for factual news, official news sources should be used to back up the claim from twitter.

Please Respect decisions from the Administration Staff
- This does not mean you can't question them, but please do not make a big deal about them. If you have an issue with a decision, contact an admin about it.

No soliciting
-Obviously, we are not a retail store. You can put what ever you want on your User Control Panel about what you do, where you work, what you sell, anything like that. But keep all of that off the board. If it is seen, its spam, and you will most likely be banned indefinitely.

Do not ask someone for personal information
- This is a message board centered around news, not Facebook. It is perfectly alright if that person offers, but please don't ask, no one wants to get sued.

The DEFCON Warning System does not report on terrorism
- That is unless in case of hard evidence such as an attack using a radiological device or weapon of mass destruction on the United States or other means of attack.
- Special instances can be allowed where the Administration staff feel it necessary to warn the public about terrorism.

What happens if I violate a guideline?
- Most of the time, it is not a big deal at all, and you can just move on with no worries of anything bad happening to you. If you are a repeat offender, you may be contacted about the issue. If the issue continues, suspension and/or removal could occur.

Have something you wish added or have a question?
- The DWS Administration Staff is always open for questions about these guidelines, or any problems you may have with them. Some things may not be defined very well, and we are happy to explain them. We are always looking for things that need to be added, so if you have something, don't hesitate to tell us.