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Board upgrade

BINGO-Dale Green

Kudos for your constant attempt to improve an already great and valuable website showcasing your services.

I would like to share some ideas to take the site to the next level.

Before his untimely death, I helped CHK on proving that average citizens could learn and perform the life saving skills noted in NWSS. I built a shelter, he personally inspected and rated as 1,000 plus PSI with 10,000 plus PF, we worked with teens in Junior Achievement to manufacture the KFM for sale, set up and tested airflow created by the KAP and an expedient sheets on poles ventilation method for mass shelter in Missouri limestone underground mines. I am NOT a content expert, but spent considerable time as his apprentice in NWSS public education and research.

During the hundreds of hours on the phone, writing and a few days in person... my main message to the Rhodes Scholar was that "death by lecture" was not an efficient training method. He felt "Americans need and want to know everything he did" I maintained that it was difficult for me to plow through the fine print to extract what I needed. That was a regular topic of discussion.

Fast forward, to today. As a contracted emergency medical educator, I service over 80 different EMS, clinics, & hospitals (in 10 states) need for emergency medical certifications and ConEd. The industry of EMS training is changing, to the blended classroom, with an underutilized platform called JAMIT (Just A Minute Instructional Training). This format shows the very best performance of a skill, no lecture, in a manor that you could watch it a couple of times, then perform it. It can be based on YouTube with invitation only access (links on DWS website) for use before, during and possibly after significant disasters depending on severity.

Even 'back in the day' I (and others) encouraged CHK to utilize video. He did a video VHS series, but unfortunately, the 8 tracks are snooze worthy. Back then, few had any equipment that could edit the long lectures into a useable format.

I will be starting to develop JAMIT video's for EMS and would be honored to assist DWS with the first of such JAMITs to disseminate life saving skills. After reading DWS online many evenings, I still have difficulty navigating. That means, other users are having the same problems. I further speculate, that the site might be totally sponsored one day by users with less invasive paid adds. Plus, better content, more traffic equal higher end ads.

Want to discuss this? Timeframe for me, would be evenings after 9pm, a week or so in advance notice. Text works fine for me, chat would be better, faster. Like you, I am sure, would need to schedule time for this. emailing or texting me would be better for me to actually get messages. I don't routinely look for messages here on the DWS site.


Dale A Green RN, CCRN-K
[email protected]
660/341-4801 (unless I know the time of the call, I won't answer NO CALLER ID)