Chances of Civil War in January of 2021. United States.


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All farmers live on the edge. In fact most farms in the US can't run on their own and need subsidize from the government just to break a profit. It would likely only take a few months for the farmers to turn belly up without selling crop.
That's for smaller/inefficent farms, most of the farmers I know are wealthy, extremely wealthy almost...well for a "normal person", today's strategy is efficiency and cost effectiveness, it's not how it used to be with high quality, medium price, if you want high quality you have to charge more and it's going to take longer to move off the shelves, the American people don't have much money to blow on expensive food; poverty is a bastard, that's why automated/low quality farms thrive, they use less money and they move on the shelf quick, if you offer me some high quality potatoes for 1.5$ a pound vs 0.78, I'm sure anyone would choose the 0.78 due to the ability to almost get 2 for the price of 1. It's about cost-effectiveness and the farmers unwilling to transition will be beat by the comp, the higher the price the longer it takes to move.


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There is a diffrence between normal democrats/republicans...and political extremism, aka what's promoted on CNN/ABC/Fox and such, they use injection theory, google it.... all of them use it to make you feel a way so you keep coming back and generating them revenue, and all the presidents are good for something and bad for others, donald trump was a fucking garbage president for US Allies and US asetts in forigen countries and hurt our relations with other countries that are key to our defense. Biden is likely going to be a dogshit president for the economy... currently, but later on it'll likely be considered good, presidents are normally good at 1 thing, and the rest is dependent on the "experts" they take word from.
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The fact that you want to say leftists burn down cities is terrible, the fact you claim there are no republicans that are radical is terrible, you act like your side is good and the other is bad, first off... the people who are radical are typically younger people who listen to media sources like it's truth and fact, instead of seeing it as a view.... Extreme right-wingers (Donald trump radicals) raided the capitol and attacked the police.... same for blm and many other groups, but you can't say it's republicans or democrats. it's radicals aligning with aside.

The way you are presenting your statements just shows that you listen to media way too much with out doing some critical thinking of your own, I really hope you're able to rectify that problem and understand...everyone has bad and good in a group, police have bad...politics has bad...parties have bad...friend groups have bad and that's what life is... bad and good, it's trade offs.


We're already at war....

DEFCON Warning System - Conspiracy theory removed.

Also, let's not forget that in 1860, the United States had no standing army, and despite being the greatest, most powerful military on Earth, it's also still unconstitutional, and fundamentally unamerican. We are not supposed to have a standing army, only state and local militias, which could then combine into an army when necessary, but we have one, the greatest, so be it - thankfully it breeds patriots and heroes and not govt drones, and connects families across all 50 states into one greater family. A conventional civil war is rendered impossible by our military's existence in my opinion. Be it state vs state or this region vs that region, it's nonsensical to expect sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, would kill or round up their civilian or military families for the federal government or state government, or all defect to join up in their own factions. What about soldiers stationed overseas? Are their CO's going to let them fly home and and rebel with their families?

This is the Age of Information.
The Weapon is Misinformation
The war is on truth itself.

As most people wage a petty ideological battle, information battles and financial battles are taking place that give them all the control they want. They don't have to come take your guns, you understand. They can bankrupt you using the inexhaustible levers of our in-justice system, plant your face on a hundred million screens and call you a racist, ruin your reputation and livelihood, silence you and turn your neighbors and even your family against you, and push you to the brink. They can indoctrinate your kids to believe in "whiteness" and one-way racism, program them to despise their history, even you as their parents, as they have been doing for decades now. We lack, as as a nation, any kind of common identity, but worse, I fear, we lack as a people the resolve of our predecessors that tyranny and oppression are forces we are obligated to resolve by force, if left with no other option. We have a republic, but our obligated to keep it using our God-given liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights. The American people are a predictably docile herd of fools. Most are more concerned with football right now, or their PlayStation 5, or the chance of sending hundreds of billions of dollars more to foreign countries and getting $2,000 themselves.
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.... You voted for the people, you can run against them...they are people just like are you going on about, corruption is a thing but unilateral corruption is never a thing, look at the nazi's who wanted to kill Hitler, people always go against each other even in the same party, you're reciprocating what some uninformed hick in a log cabin spewed at you, and the crazy thing is, human life isn't hard to take... people kill each other every day and if it was that bad...and as bad as you even are inferring, you'd see a new republican /democrat hanged/shot dead in the streets...we are talking reps...not people, which also aren't being killed in mass/ at high levels or anything near that, we have a long way till then, when you see congress/local leaders getting sacked and killed, then you can spew the log cabin stuff.


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There is a huge chance that that will happen at some point. The biggest downside is that anybody can get a gun here and the casualties would be a lot. It would be an actual war and I am not thinking that this is the solution to any problem. There is always a diplomatic way to solve things out. I've recently read an article called where they have addressed the issue of racism and I know that many people are getting shot because they are black. It's truly a tragedy, but we have to educate ourselves to prevent this.


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It's super interesting going back and reading some of the responses in this thread now that we're past some of the key events like which side won, who is now president, etc. Some of you were pretty accurate and some wildly inaccurate. Regardless, the one thing that I now see that is very interesting is the one thing I didn't expect to see. It's looking like this might indeed shape up to be a civil war between states. There are various shots across the bow in several states like Texas etc. with new 2A sanctuary states, voter ID laws (to oppose the insane HR1 that very much looks like it's going to pass and may cause this war to start) and people feeling very, very angry on the right.

This next part is purely anecdotal, so please take it for what it is. But it worries me.

I get to hear a lot of people's loose talk and opinions because of circumstances I happen to enjoy at present. I am, at heart, as a former journalist, a listener. I enjoy seeing slices of peoples lives, and I'm culturally voyeuristic by nature. Again, this is purely anecdotal, but, in my state, people seem to be really angry. Not just a little pissed off. A healthy portion of the people here seem to be scared, really afraid of the left and the changes they're attempting to force on the entire country. Afraid of Biden and his attack on the 2A. Etc. you guys get the point without going into politics.

What concerns me is the clear fear. Fearful people don't always make rational decisions.

Hey, but I don't know what any of this means. I'm not a fortune teller, my crystal ball broke a long time ago. I don't know if there really is going to a civil war or not. But it sure looks like the US is weak, disorganized, vulnerable and in severe need of getting its shit together. I just don't see that happening anytime soon.