China/Taiwan September 2021


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It’s always a problem in diplomatic interactions of when rhetoric stops being rhetoric.
The GT has been pretty incendiary recently. Who know


The Global Times, part of China’s official mouthpiece People’s Daily, has also called the USS Carl Vinson’s deployment “provocative.”

This is the sixth time a U.S. aircraft carrier has been deployed in the South China Sea this year,
but the first time with the advanced capabilities of F-35C stealth fighter and the new CMV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, the Global Times noted.

The paper quoted a Chinese military expert as warning that the Chinese army has been put on alert, and “China is fully capable of and confident in dealing with such provocations.”

U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Dan Martin, commander of the Carl Vinson Strike Group:
An armed attack against the Phillipines armed forces pubclic vessels or aicraft in the Pacific
including the south China Sea would trigger an obligation under
the U.S. Phillipines mutual defense treaty.