Color bug on the forum


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Hello, i want to report a bug making the forum looking green while it says it's still on DEFCON 4 ( so blue )
here is the screenshot:

and the screenshot showing the DEFCON level



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interesting, i still see it at 4 XD ( on the top of the page )
I had same problem. You need to clean your browsers history and it will update.

I noticed after two hours it didn't change on my phone. So cleared my browser's history everything but passwords and it updated. The DEFCON level must be in a catch to load your browser faster.

If you visit a website a lot your browser will save parts of it so it loads quicker when you visit so your phone doesn't have to use/load a lot of data when loading a page you visit offten.


If you want to talk about the recent alert level change please do so here:
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