colour switch


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From the first round, you could have been very difficult to overcome many different rounds of color. The higher the difficulty, the higher the speed, the obstacles are constantly changing shape makes it difficult for players to adapt.
And sure enough, anyone who tried the Colour Switch experience had to say that the game was too hard. Difficult not in the game but difficult to achieve high score and press the play button repeatedly is of course.

Colour Switch is not too new to the idea, in fact there are already many games of this type are born. However, the Colour Switch has a crazy degree of madness, as well as freshness due to the color change, the shape is constantly changing.

Creativity is not just about the idea of ​​the game, but about the great obstacles the game developer creates. Special shapes seem to be easy to overcome but are much harder to imagine, which is interesting. It's more interesting than Flappy Brid in the puzzle element.

Beside the interesting gameplay, the music in the Colour Switch also impresses with the experience. It is exciting, stimulating with the DJ and quite consistent with the pace of the game.
colour switch