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Confirmed Active Shooter Greenwood Park Mall, Indiana - 12 Shot, 2 Dead


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Topic Headline is misleading

2 People dead, 2 injured.
2 people shot INCLUDING suspect.

Except I'm listening to the Indiana Statewide Mutual Aid channel as it unfolds live. I have information the media does not.
I stand corrected. Apologies Sir.
No worries.

Now, that being said, Incident Command has not been very organized and they are having big problems controlling the scene and searching the mall. It won't surprise me if the initial numbers I posted end up being different than the final tally.
Up to four dead, and number of wounded has dropped for the moment. I'm assuming because a couple of victims previously classified as "wounded" have since passed. Won't know exact totals until tomorrow, probably.

Police respond to shooting at Greenwood Park Mall, 3 dead, 2 injured (current as of 2155 EST)​

It is just seeming that this sort of thing is now happening far too often, it now appears to be the norm and is expected. Sad situation. That is what I was implying.
Well it is and I ask myself why as openly and honestly as I can.
One it’s not really gun laws. The gun laws really haven’t become any move liberal in the past few years.
The social stigma and awareness of shootings like this in fact have become worse. Think about it. We’ve gone from a society where the concept of any individual doing something like this is totally alien except in some retaliation shooting related to crime.
Now it just seems to be random.
So it’s not the guns or gun laws per say.
So it’s either an individual or cultural pathology or combination of them both.

Some argue it is a manipulated or contrived occurrence where individuals are somehow identified and purposefully triggered to just lose it and go on a shooting spree.
I can’t really follow that logic because your talking serious effort and thought given to provoke a certain few individuals to go an do something like this. And for what? just some random headline and talking point. I don’t really give much thought to that either. Although I do not dismiss the reality that it is likely possible to execute some extreme manipulation of a disturbed individual and trigger them to do something really horrible. Humans are that smart and they are also that deceitful and horrible to plan and execute something like this. I just can’t accept there is some long term conspiracy to turn random people into mass shooters for some nefarious purposes.

I do however consider the society and media’s fixation to report and speculate on what causing this to happen negatively impacts the story themselves.
Instead of a deranged asshat decided yesterday to take the life of 20 people for no apparent reason. His trial will commence next month and he will likely be executed by the end of the year.
Full stop no greater questions of what caused them to do this, what does this say about society, are people to blame or the weapons.
Have we become society incapable of regulating our own impulses to such a degree. More laws are needed to micro regulate out lives and emotions.

None of that - they broke the social contract with their community, they were caught the were punished and they -not the lesson- will be forgotten.
So yeah I think if anything there are some people so lonely so isolated and couple that with a culture that spends to much time looking at their navel it becomes a plausible end for some peoples lives.
We don’t need to ask why this happens, we just need to make it such an unappealing life choice to make that loners stop making the choice to go on a shooting spree.

So is it a worst case scenario where the culture and habits of certain types of people have led them to acts of desperation.
I would be interested to hear what individuals who’ve committed these types of crimes have to say about why say 10 or 15 years latter.

We’re the lashing out in some desperate attempt to change society, obviously thru violence, to something they believed was better.
Or have they simply chosen one of the roads of nihilism and decided to conclude their life with some penultimate act of aggression that can not be ignored. A desperate act to be seen to be heard
I must agree it probably is not gun laws but more of a societal break-down. Guns have always been around and there was not really this situation in the 1950s,50s etc or maybe they are just getting reported more. Personally I think the incidence has increased and the reason for this is probably not guns. It appears as though gun control is really aimed to block the idiots at an inconvenience for all. Please note I am not pro NRA but pro individual responsibility
Poor sods.