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Something new we are trying.

To those few members that post news, sources, and information 5-10 times everyday or every other day will receive "Regular Contributor" status.

Now for the extreme few we have a title dubbed "Major Contributor". To quality for this, one must post a dozen or more news, sources, and information everyday.

Now these titles do not apply to people who only discuss or give opinions. The idea of these titles is to encourage people to post news, sources, and information more and to encourage to continue to do so.

The gist of the DWS is to collect information to then analyze about Nuclear Threats. Without up to date information, analysis or opinions would be useless.

(We appreciate others' analysis, opinion, and conversations. Please do not be discourage in doing so because of this.)
Major contributors get a special, custom made badge:
MLogoPNG 3.png
Also one thing to note, having Major & Regular contributor roles does not equal endorsement of any of their messages by the DWS unless explicitly stated.
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