Corona virus outbreak Febuary 2020

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My major concern is not the coronavirus itself. It doesn't seem to be that lethal. My major concern is how people will overreact to it.
Well it may not be lethal to most, there still are a awful lot of old and sick people on this planet at big risk of dying if contracting the virus.

Also yes it may not be that lethal but if your town or city goes on lockdown, do you have what you need to survive in your house for a indefinite amount of time?


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  • UC Davis student tested for coronavirus, two other roommates isolated
  • There are now 16 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada
  • South Korea's vice health minister warns of more virus cases in Daegu
  • The number of coronavirus cases are increasing in the US. That's rattling markets and worrying politicians
  • US Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue calls coronavirus a "pandemic"
  • ☣🔥 Several people around the US are believed to have become infected despite not traveling to an infected area, or having come into contact with a person known to be infected with the virus. 🔥☣


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My wife works for a state agency. The have implemented a task force to come up with contingency plans for COOP if there is a local virus outbreak. As CSO of my company, I've been asked to do the same thing for it.

I don't like what I'm seeing on the west coast of the US. I think it will take off there like it did in Northern Italy, sometime in the next two weeks. Once it does, panic-buying will start to sweep the country. It's already started in small pockets here and there.

We've been prepped for years, but we added some items to our shelter a couple of weeks ago that are more appropriate for a pandemic situation. I've rotated my stored gasoline for the generators so that it's all fresh and will easily store fine for the rest of the year. Our only debate at this time is at what point do we refuse to go to work? We're not there yet, obviously. But it's something we've been discussing and it's a difficult call to make.

Strangely, I've not received any information from our local DPS on contingency plans for first responders.

Right now we're as prepped as we can be, and we're just in a holding pattern.


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  • ☣🔥A high school student in the US with no travel history is one of two new "presumptive positive" cases in Washington State 🔥☣
    • A high school student who has no history of traveling to infected areas has been diagnosed with coronavirus, according to Washington State Department of Health.
    • The boy -- who is a high school student in Washington state -- visited two different clinics in Snohomish County this week
  • Millions of children across the world aren't going to school. That's causing problems
  • Kim Jong Un holds meeting stressing coronavirus prevention in North Korea
  • Macao quarantines travelers returning from Italy and Iran
  • Iceland confirms its first case of coronavirus
  • There are now 38 confirmed coronavirus cases in Taiwan
  • Over half of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea are connected to the Shincheonji religious group
  • This Japanese resort town is usually packed. But right now, it's "freakishly empty"
  • Australia warns citizens: "Do not travel to Iran"
  • Thailand confirms a new coronavirus case
  • Saudi Arabia temporarily suspends entry of member states citizens amid coronavirus outbreak
  • Macao’s hotel industry and tourism hit by coronavirus outbreak
  • US military scrambles to cope with global 'threat' posed by coronavirus
  • South Korea now has more than 3,100 coronavirus cases
  • Spain records 43rd coronavirus case
  • Mexico confirms third coronavirus case
  • Qatar announces first case of coronavirus
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Cases in austria, switzerland and germany are rising. Four child infections in germany confirmed. More could be possible. First schools closed for at least 2 weeks.


Average temperature in this season of the year in the city of Guayaquil between 28 ° C at night to 35 ° C in the day, relative humidity up to 95%, we will see how the virus behaves, (google translator)


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  • Iran's coronavirus death toll rises to 43, state news reports
  • France identifies more cases of coronavirus, cancels public gatherings
  • Italian Serie A football league postpones matches
  • Masks can't stop the coronavirus in the US, but hysteria has led to bulk-buying, price-gouging and serious fear for the future
  • Japan confirms 9 new cases of novel coronavirus, bringing total to 944
  • Iraq announces 5 new coronavirus cases, total now 13
  • New policy will allow faster testing for novel coronavirus in US, FDA says
  • King County, Washington, confirms first coronavirus death in US
  • Outside of China, there are 6,285 cases of the virus, here are the countries with confirmed cases & death count:
(Listed in alphabetical order)

1. Afghanistan (1 case)
2. Algeria (1 case)
3. Australia (25 cases)
4. Austria (2 cases)
5. Bahrain (38 cases)
6. Belarus (1 case)
7. Belgium (1 case)
8. Brazil (1 case)
9. Cambodia (1 case)
10. Canada (16 cases)
11. Croatia (1 case)
12. Denmark (1 case)
13. Egypt (1 case)
14. Estonia (1 case)
15. Finland (2 case)
16. France (40 cases, 2 deaths)
17. Georgia (1 case)
18. Germany (53 cases)
19. Greece (4 case)
20. Hong Kong (94 cases, 2 deaths)
21. Iceland (1 case)
22. India (3 cases)
23. Iran (593 cases, 43 deaths)
24. Iraq (13 cases)
25. Israel (7 cases)
26. Italy (821 cases, 21 deaths)
27. Japan (944 cases, 11 deaths)
28. Kuwait (43 cases)
29. Lebanon (3 cases)
30. Lithuania (1 case)
31. Macao (10 cases)
32. Malaysia (25 cases)
33. Mexico (3 cases)
34. Monaco (1 case)
35. Nepal (1 case)
36. Netherlands (1 case)
37. New Zealand (1 case)
38. Nigeria (1 case)
39. North Macedonia (1 case)
40. Norway (1 case)
41. Oman (5 cases)
42. Pakistan (4 case)
43. Philippines (3 cases, 1 death)
44. Qatar (1 case)
45. Romania (1 case)
46. Russia (5 cases)
47. Singapore (102 cases)
48. South Korea (3,150 cases, 16 deaths)
49. Spain (46 cases)
50. Sri Lanka (1 case)
51. Sweden (1 case)
52. Switzerland (15 cases)
53. Taiwan (39 cases, 1 dead)
54. Thailand (42 cases)
55. United Arab Emirates (19 cases)
56. United Kingdom (20 cases)
57. United States (67 cases)
58. Vietnam (16 cases)

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