Coronavirus March 2020

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Sounds like the classic situation where no one wants to tell the person immediately above them, whom their also beholdin too for the job and probably their life. “Uh boss we’re screwed here”
If I read krzepice’s post right from the Wuhan CCP official then things are bad enough he doesn’t care anymore if Beijing doesn’t want to here things aren’t rosey in wuhan.
Interesting to know how long he last in his current job.

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Trump made 33 false claims about the coronavirus crisis in the first two weeks of March


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Trump made 33 false claims about the coronavirus crisis in the first two weeks of March
Trump lies all the time. This is to be expected. Glad lying is okay durring a Pandemic...

Ian c

This seeming rabid obsession of China’s CCP to deflect origins and fault might be a indication of size of domestic unrest in China not being reported.
i apologize as i clicked too fast on the previous thread response

Primer for a bombless World War III

(using the follow the money approach)

Stage 1. The trigger

Take an economic condition

extreme tarrif wars,

prepare your strategy to survive stage 3

economic growth reductions and reduced production.

aid the first econmic reduction impact

Stage 2. Consolidation

during this tariff war period consolidate your financial resouces

raise your gold stocks

increase your foreign invested and positions

develope a world reaching economic unity plan (belt and road)

increase your investments in foreign debt control

Stage 3. Outbreak of world wide pandemic

during this phase many countries will suffer economic meltdowns

distrust of democratic governments will occur

social disorder could follow

collapse of the regular lifestyles of the free world population

your enemies ability to allocated financial rescourse to wage war is dramatically reduced as well as the businesses have been weekend by the trillions shaved from the marketplace

media is tied up watching pandemic

Stage 4. Position for tactical control

3 rd world goverments will falter needing an economic support

these goverments will be very open to any aid

1 st world coutries will open minded to investments from abroad to the inability of their own goverments to satifactorly support them.

corporations could be bought on the open stock market affordably purchased

with little or no resistance

workers from those countries will be thrilled with the foreign "aid"

workers will be happy not have their own goverment over tax them to get them out this economic meltdown.

sufficent rescourses can be allocate as part of your stimulus assistance to all countries accepting your aid and investment.

Stage 4. World Economic Control

Your country now:

Dominates world resouces, economic markets

Control potential enemies with your economic stimulus

control the people's attitude towards their own government style

people of those world may become open to your influence of how governments are run.

Topple governments n opposition.

This is the recipe for a bombless WW3

did it just happen.?

follow the money

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It seems you don't know what sources you can trust for statistics.

This site says that no one in Minnesota has recovered:

However, this site says that 88 have recovered:


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U.S. Army Colonel David C. Trybula announced Monday night that an employee at White Sands Missile Range has tested positive for the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease.

In a video update posted to WSMR's official Facebook page, the WSMR commander said the employee has been working from home for more than a week but provided no further information about their symptoms or prior contacts with others at the installation.

In a similar video update for Holloman Air Force Base, 49th Wing Commander U.S. Air Force Colonel Joseph Campo stated in a Facebook post that contact tracing was underway to identify any personnel that has come in contact with the WSMR employee.

On Monday, the New Mexico Department of Health reported 10 positive tests in Doña Ana County and 83 statewide since early March.

Trybula announced new restrictions at WSMR aiming to slow community spread of the coronavirus. He said essential services remain open and mission-critical businesses were operating, with as many personnel working remotely as possible.



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In Wuhan, an announcement has been sent to neighborhoods that, starting Mar 24, the govt will not cover costs for testing and treatment of coronavirus infections anymore: 14-day quarantine, RMB 8,000; hospitalization, RMB 400,000 (about $57,000).


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The Pentagon is halting all overseas travel for U.S. troops for up to 60 days in an effort to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to a top U.S. official.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the order applies to all servicemembers, Defense Department civilian personnel and their families. However, there will be some exceptions, including the partial drawdown of American forces already underway in Afghanistan, as outlined in a deal signed by the U.S. and the Taliban last month.

"The purpose is to make sure that we're not bringing the virus back home, infecting others, that we're not spreading it around the military," Esper said of the move, first reported by Reuters on Wednesday.

DOD also raised its Health Protection Condition (HPCON) level globally to "Charlie" -- the second highest level which indicates sustained community transmission.

Only essential personnel will be allowed onto military bases worldwide, and the installations will limit entry points. Personnel on the bases will also be required to practice social distancing, officials said.

These moves are just some of the ways the Pentagon has steadily increased restrictions on its personnel and implemented measures aimed at mitigating the spread of the deadly virus over the last several weeks.


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In Wuhan, an announcement has been sent to neighborhoods that, starting Mar 24, the govt will not cover costs for testing and treatment of coronavirus infections anymore
Wuhan, CHINA? Are they really so desperate to prove they have no more infections they won't even test for it anymore.

Yeah, that makes me totally confident in them.
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