Countries are starting to hoard food

DEFCON Warning System

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As it is, many governments have employed extreme measures, setting curfews and limits on crowds or even on people venturing out for anything but to acquire essentials. That could spill over to food policy, said Ann Berg, an independent consultant and veteran agricultural trader who started her career at Louis Dreyfus Co. in 1974.

“You could see wartime rationing, price controls and domestic stockpiling,” she said.



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This will probably be a real thing for some countries sooner than latter.
Not necessarily starvation levels but selective

One of the great ironies of the Iran Hostage situation was Pistachios.
Till the 80’s pistachios were a major export of Iran and with the regime change and disruption from embargo’s pistachios on the world market dried up.
Some entrepreneurial growers in Cali propagated pistachios in the perfect Mediterranean climate and subsequently became a major supplier of pistachios for the US at the very least no longer relying on Iran and today the wonderful pistachio is readably available grown in America.

Back in a sour not last week French authorities seized a truck load of protective mask at the channel on route to England to the purchaser.
The load of mask weren’t just detained they stayed in France as far as I know.
It caused quite a dust up but England seemed to give Macron a pass at least on this one.