DEFCON 4 - Europe Crisis - January 2022

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Put missiles in Cuba I don’t care just don’t put nuclear warheads in Cuba. Waste money put them in Venezuela.
Russian planes and naval vessels make regular trips to Cuba and Venezuela.
Is the US threatening to invade Cuba over that which has been going on for fifty years.
Its a non-sequitur argument now and was in 62. Because it was about nuclear missiles.
Their are no US nuclear missiles - short intermediate or long range on European soil.

No one is even talking about putting any offensive missiles in Ukraine of any kind.
Period full stop
There are intercontinental missiles, no need for Cuba or Venezuela for Russia, even submarines could launch missiles, as you say, we are no longer in 1962.


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This is about exactly what Russia said it was about.
Russia’s Sphere of influence and is it shrinking or be allowed to shrink further.
And unfortunately that outcome is solely about the ability and willingness all those involved to enforce that power.
Ultimately it’s always about power and ability to project it. Love it hate it makes zero difference.
The US over last twenty years totally botched our power projection in much but not all of the Mideast. Russia I believe over the last 30 years botched their power projection in the old soviet states.
It just is right or wrong.

and to that end I don’t know how it will shake out
but I still don’t see it going nuclear quickly.
Unless Russia decides early on they have nothing to lose.
I don’t see nato going nuclear over Ukraine or the nato Baltic states. Poland yes
But no one, not the US, the Europeans or Russians are going to risk their capitals being nuked over “the boarder lands”


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There are intercontinental missiles, no need for Cuba or Venezuela for Russia, even submarines could launch missiles, as you say, we are no longer in 1962.
I realize that, my point is because of the Cuban missile crisis and the US demanding that nuclear warheads be removed from Cuba. That somehow it equates to NATO can’t be in any military alliance with Ukraine.
There is absolutely zero indication past present or future that US is going to position any nuclear missiles in any of the old soviet states.
There’s current talk of doing so in Germany and that is in response to Iskanders in Kaliningrad which can easily carry nuclear warheads.
Boomers can launch 90 miles at sea from Washington and a little further to Moscow.
This isn’t about nukes it’s about power projection and Russia’s been losing and their trying to correct that.
It’s a hard cold world with winners and losers not the school playground.
Wished it wasn’t but it just is


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Looks like significant AIRINT has been followed by numerous OSINT communitites - US Airforce now scanning over Cuba and Venezuela, shortly after words "Cuba" and "Venezuela" left Russian spokesman's mouth.
Cuba has been visited by the plane of Russian government 2 days ago.

@krzepice1976 - you might be interested.
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It is Carribean Crisis all over again?

P.S. if you are safe or not, you can take a rough check here:
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Cuba does not have nuclear weapons anymore! We would spot them instantly and flat bomb them back into the days of Columbus if they did. That goes for Venezuela too.


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I’ve always been curious about the dance Sweden does with Gotland.
Do they respond in this way when things get tense just to make sure they maintain physical possession of the island. Or is it forward deployment of strategic assets to the area?

It’s a strategic island they will never give up without a huge fight because it’s their people and a great place to watch the Russians from. They take any intrusion into their waters very seriously. Do you remember the huge Russian sub hunt a few years ago? Turns out it really was a Russian sub from the recorded sonar in the area posted online.
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