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DEFCON Warning System Digest – Why DEFCON 3


I've just finished watching the video you put out explaining why you changed your alert level to DEFCON 3, Since you raised the alert level I've been watching loads of videos analysing what's going on and listening to a lot of podcasts about it. Out of everything I've watched/read/listened to so far I've found yours to be one of the most informative. I hadn't considered that it would be more tactical for Ukraine to use a dirty bomb than Russia and the way The West might blindly believe it was Russia. Real food for thought. Shows how things could escalate very quickly before anyone fully realises what has happened.

Shame you're not really a media guy, if this was a regular thing I'd probably listen to it every week.

I tried posting this in the Articles section but it wouldn't let me, move this thread over to it if it's a more appropriate area for it. Keep up the good work!