Does your vote actually matter?


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So when the national news services the dnc and many in Congress were reporting non-stop about Russian collusion and subversion of our democracy those were legitimate news stories that couldn’t be challenged by non-approved news sites or sources.

Then when the claims were finally left to die unfounded..... what? That means any subsequent claims of wrong doing in an election is just partisan attacks?

Ive never once believed or thought that the election could or should have been altered after the December electoral college deadline.
But that does not mean that significant irregularities didn’t happen. Did they effect the election maybe, Maybe not.
Three separate state legislators are investigating the election procedures in their states and this is where it should happen.
When we see several states suspend their vote counting on election night early for an presidential election. All basically at the same time that doesn’t ring any bells.
When we initiated widespread mail in ballots across the country. In many cases sending ballots to non registered voters and in some cases pets. That doesn’t ring any bells.
When one party has pushed non stop to not only allow but encourage non citizens to vote that doesn’t ring any bells.
When college students are intertwined on Election Day traveling to states with contentious congressional seats and bragging about driving in to vote for a particular candidate even though their not a resident of that district or state.
Nothing will change the 2020 election
But yeah there’s a big fucking problem here in our election process.


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But yeah there’s a big fucking problem here in our election process.
There absolutely is.

But the even bigger problem that no one wants to admit or even debate is that both Democrats AND Republicans attempt to manipulate every election in their favor; they just go about it in different ways. Everyone wants to blame the other side for our election problems when, in truth, it is a 100% bipartisan effort. None of our political figures are innocent, and none of them work for us.

The sooner liberal and conservative voters come to this realization, the sooner we can actually work together to resolve the problem.

I'll be over here in the corner holding my breath for that to happen.


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I agree of course there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic Party today at least as far as the party establishment.
I base my political leanings upon the philosophical underpinnings of the historic Republican Party. That’s my bias not the RNC or any particular candidate.

I do defend Trump and it’s definitely not because I agree with all of his policies. But because I agreed with enough of them to see it as a positive shift in Republican policies to support.
He did not campaign as a “traditional” Republican, he was a democrat for most of his life.
He leveraged too much and increased the debt but I accepted that as a trade off because we are already leveraged to the hilt anyway. I don’t agree but he said he would do exactly that during the campaign. He was honest about it.

He took the Republican Party in an about face regarding homosexual rights in total. If it was between two consenting adults it’s a settled issue, full stop - none of the government’s business. Side note did anyone notice that once Trump made this the policy platform of the party gender issues stopped being about homosexual rights. All of a sudden out of no where the gender debate became solely about transgender and 32 other flavors. So much so they turned on the gay and lesbian community that questioned it. Oh the irony in that slight of hand.

He was opposed to drugs and alcohol personally but worked towards the need to reform drug laws or do away with many the non violent drug crimes.
He opposed the prevalence of abortion but handled it through judicial appointments and a gradual moderation of laws not demagoguery.
He wanted the endless wars to end and personally I believe worked to get there from where we were at as safely as possible. But supported a strong military to defend the nation and our interest solely.

I do not mean this to sound like a campaign ad for Trump.
I make those points to elaborate why he wasn’t a typical Republican nor democrat. He was a pragmatist who showed little loyalty or patience with the establishment RNC. If Mitch or Romney or McCain stood against his policies to defend what he saw as the status quo to protect the establishment he would call them out and castigate them as quickly and liberally as he did Pelosi, Biden or Hillary.

He doesn’t give a crap about party loyalties or ensuring that some powerful Republican can maintain their place at the feed trough.
He was/is a step in the right direction in my mind, that’s all.

Currently their is a viral fad going on at sporting events and music world from rappers to C&W, to college football games.
The “way to go Brandon” chants other wise translated as “fuck joe Biden”
This is a passing thing to some degree I admit and it’s vulgar to be sure.
But it’s a pervasive mood in the country and it uses Biden as its bullseye. But this is not a message just for the Biden admin. This is a message for the establishment of both parties, the establishment media and their corporate sponsors.
🖕you Washington get off our backs and do your frickin job.

There will be change, what it looks like and how successful if at all is yet to be determined.

I’m most interested in some of the similarities between the anti-globalist left, not Antifa. Antifa is a tool of the establishment left.
Those on the left who are actual liberals in the historic mold. Not liberals in name only to secure more political power. There is a belief with some of them that globalism in its monopolistic corporate model is a freedom crushing curse and they used to protest it and argue against it regularly.
You have that same sentiment in the growing Nuevo conservatives.
Their opposed to that same monopolistic corporate globalization that tradition liberals are as well.

My point, there are commonalities between left and right that many are beginning to realize.
And the traditional media and establishment politicians and corporate sponsors do everything they can to squash those links.

I disagree with you that the philosophic
Roots of either party need to be completely rejected and vote solely for independents or don’t vote because you can’t successfully get there from here, it’s a non-starter.

You fight the fight the fight with the army you have, not the one you wish you had.

And even if you do elevate a new independent party once you do get there they will likely become that which you despise. Power corrupts

Man I really digressed but like you alluded to the philosophical liberals and conservatives have been treated like chumps by the establishment parties, the corporate world and the establishment media for years.

There is a chance but it’s definitely undecided.