End Of Hong Kong Treaty


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A Lot of money is moved and made in HK
Johnson didn’t make this offer just out of magnanimity to past British subjects.
Possibly was the strongest message Britain could have sent at this time.

How’s that work though. China close’s the airspace and blockaids the harbors.
That or the logistical effort of honoring and defending the exodus of just a 1/4 their population right in face of China’s navy and air force.
The CCP will never let an unknown number of dissidents escape to the west to warn the world, willingly.
The connected wealthy businessmen and families might get out with bribes. Those young protestors in the streets will never be allowed to leave freely.


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I wonder if China is going to lock down Hong Kong to prevent a brain drain.
Would it not be great if every U.K nation took half of Hong Kongs Citizens.

Obviously the ones who are educated and can contribute or political asylum seekers which is a lot in Hong Kong.

Hope the US does something similar with Hong Kong. China needs to be put in check & this would be a great start to give a huge middle finger to China.
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