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Epithets & Hate speech

Friendly Engineer

Staff member
I am alarmed by the increasing rate at which I am seeing hate speech on the forums.
So, let me be clear, calling for the genocide of a people, no matter the people, is unacceptable.
Calling for the extermination of a race, nation or people will result in severe punitive action.

Events are afoot in the world which, by their very nature, elicit strong emotions. Don't give into those emotions, think clearly, be reasonable and be respectful to your fellow forum members.
I agree with this sentiment. While everyone is entitled to their opinion and the Director has always made it clear that he detests censorship in any form, I think we should aim higher than the rabble of social media. I would like for this site to set the example for how civil discourse between diametrically opposed viewpoints is still possible.

"Be excellent to each other."