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While all eyes are on the USA the EU political landscape is very restless. Economically the EU is in far worse shape than the US and the EU banking system is close to another crisis. The EU is also working towards the German elections of November this year.



Just for correction : Our Main-Election is on September, 26th

Also interesting facts :

-Chancellor Angela Merkel thinks it is possible that the measures against Covid-19 will continue until End of Summer /Start of Spring. So our Main-Election could be within this date

- for a possible emergency-situation, our parliament accepted an Law, that allows to avoid physical party meetings and could be edited to avoid more than just this , as our first State has posponed Elections.

Heres why its very interesting :

Our Far-Right- Party "AfD" be afraid of a , for them , probably postponement of our Main-Election. Even our Far-Left-Party " Linke " looks critical towards this decision , because it could be abused for further election-changes

Meanwhile our Far-Right- Party is currently under investigation from some of our intelligence ( 4 of 16 states) , because they decided , they act against our Constitution. They see a danger of another 1933-1945 episode , if this Party gets elected with a higher percentage.

There are currently not enough evidence , for their confirmed act against our Constitution , so expert says that this investigation could fail as the biggest scandal since many years on our federal constitution Court and this Party says that the current government tries to manipulate this election with every medium.

The current government also tried to infiltrate our Capital defense of Constitution against this Party. There exist a document , where this Party wont be classified as unconstitutional but the government suspended all members , who are accountable for this document and transfer it to another group , who will " do their job "

The accountable for this transfer also said " Heads will roll , because of this wrong Decision "

He was a politician from former SED-Party , State Party of DDR.

This classification is needed to gain more Evidence against this party and at the end : to ban them from all Elections.

High-Level AfD-Politicians are sure , that all these measures , also combined with current Covid-Measures as "Cover" are planned to keep them low and to create a new DDR-Like State , where just one Opinion is allowed and everything other need to be forbidden. But a Ban of this Party is very unlikely , so they are also sure , our government will postpone this election-Date.

Could be a very interesting thing , even international, as germany has a horrible history at some parts.


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Thanks for correcting I am from the Netherlands and the Dutch elections are March 12. In the Netherlands politics is trying to change the votting dynamic due to the Covid restrictions. Voting by mail (sounds familiar) is proposed. Currently the Dutch democracy is overshadowed by an emergency law that renders parliament powerless and puts total power in the hands of the cabinet that has fallen last week but will stay in power till elections. The enforcement of a curfew is till this day met with heavy resistance and driving more people into economic despair. An era is ending as Merkel intends to step aside and also Dutch PM Rutte her long time buddy from the low lands is out. Both Germany and the Netherlands are the ATM machines of the EU. Now that the UK has stopped paying it's subscription for the EU club combined with the Covid crisis means the EU is very short cash. To maintain the EU the North has to pay the South. In order to try and restore financial balance the EU will see a massive increase in tax rates (VAT) and pesnsion money will be part of a very unpopular solution to keep the EU as is. The instability in the EU and the US will lead to increased domestic tensions. This is music to the ears of the Russians Turkey and China. China will make sure to buy as many bankrupt assets as possible down to retail level across the EU . Russia and Turkey are more political in their intentions and as far as I know have different agenda's with regards to the EU. During the cold war Europe faced the Soviets and now it faces the Russians the Chinese and the Turks. Europe's armies need to be upgraded in a major way and this might be the time to do it, NATO is limping.