FM station transmitting numbers

I'm in the US and a station near me, 91.9 has been transmitting numbers for the past few days, 168 dot 192 dot 0 dot 164 dot, for example. It then waits about two minutes and transmits another string of numbers. I know numbers stations transmit AM so is it some sort of error code?
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It's either an IP address, or a one time pad, one way transmission . As an IP address, what you've listed goes nowhere because it's incomplete. It's probably a one time pad transmission. Where are you at?


Should start w 192. though right, so is obviously and basically (decoy basic?) coded


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That's very bizarre to hear that it's on the public FM bands. I've come across some numbers stations on shortwave in the past, particularly the infamous "Lincolnshire Poacher" and "Spanish Lady". I've never heard of a numbers station on FM before, though.