Germany is closing all its nuclear power plants


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I believe that nuclear power will play a big key in our future on what resources we all use.

It certainly provides a cheaper logistical way of provide CO2 free energy. To me this is a shame...



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Well I always thought that we could launch nuclear waste far far into space or launch it to Mars. People always say well if the rocket blew up mid way it would rain radioactive shit all over the ground.

THATS why they should launch it on a platform over the ocean. If it blows up it falls into the ocean, our ocean can take the hit or at least no one gives a shit about our oceans.

We have detonated almost 2000 nuclear weapons in the ocean, have dumped a incredible amount of radioactive waste already into the ocean and no one seems to care, so why should they care of a chance of more radioactive byproduct scattering into are already polluted radioactive oceans.

Pretty easy fix to me and we can make it so that the rocket holding all this waste never falls back to earth like sending it to mars.

ITS becoming much cheaper to build and launch rockets due to companies racing to see who can get to space the cheapest way, so see it as a cost effective way.


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[Rant Warning]
The Government in germany are a bunch of green-liberal clowns at the moment. I can speak for it since I live here. Everything you hear is at least 90% the so called clima-change.. And it's sickening. Not that we have enough problems here, the only thing these idiots care about is shorten any kind of powergeneration.
To save the cilma - what a joke. The pricings for electricity is almost 100€ per month for two ppl and now it will even increase, just because we need to be a role model for the rest of the world. We pay a shitton of taxes and now even a CO2 tax (goes deeper then this but can't be bothered explaining right now).
The kids are skipping school almost every friday to annoy the daylight out of other people who just want to go home after a 10 hour workshift to pay this ridicolous overpriced oil and electricity prices.
It seems to me everyone has gone crazy (I don't drop the R word here but just imagine it).
It's frightening, how our government is handling things at the moment. No one gives a damn about the real problems. The mood of the ppl is getting worse steady and the only thing they are doing is more provoking.

I just had to drop this here to make me feel better, sorry. If I write something like this somewhere in Social media, most of the comments would title me a Nazi, so yeah thanks for the attention.