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Gifts of sincerity: To the RoK with love….


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Mar 4, 2022

Gifts of sincerity': N. Korea sends balloons carrying excrement into S. Korea​

Usually, North Korea can’t find their ass in the dark with both hands, a flashlight and a 15 minute head-start, however this is instant classic. Considering there’s a state of war between them, this is an outstanding move. When I lived there, in South Korea, I always wondered why more of this sh*t didn’t happen (ha ha couldn’t help myself)

Credit credits due: this round goes to the communist.
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🤣😂🤣 shit on sk without a shot fired or punch thrown. Obviously the west underestimates its enemies 🤣😂🤣.
Perhaps it is an earnest attempt from the DPRK to show they are "full of 💩". And what better way to show that then sharing it with their neighbor to the south. :ROFLMAO:

Joking aside, it may pose a biohazard to citizens in the south. They sent E. Coli and quite likely other less-fun bacteria raining down on the ROK countryside. So, one could argue it was an attack of bio-weapons against the south, a provocation between nations still technically at war. Just another day in paradise.
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