Google suspends Parler social networking app from Play Store; Apple gives 24-hour warning

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I think this goes under politics.

So it looks like Google and Apple are censoring Parler, demanding that the social media platform begin "moderation" of the posts there.



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That's going too far.
Not at all, if people are not aloud to say such things in a public setting around others, than it shouldn't be aloud online. I can't go out and scream or spew non sense out in public weather on the street or in a restuarant without getting a ticket for disturbing the peace or other citations. So why should it be aloud online. *mic drop*

(Freedom of speech does not apply to private companies online or in real life. Examples would be me being fired for speaking my mind against the boss. I don't have a right to say what I want in a private business, NO if, ands, or buts thats just how it is!)


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Bad analogy. How would you feel if Google came to this forum and started dictating to us what content we allow on here or how we moderate it? The Internet is about the free exchange of ideas and information. If you don't like what's being said on Parler, don't create an account there. But allowing companies like Google or Apple to make ultimatums like that to other privately-owned companies is giving them way too much power.


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Is it wrong to give companies such freedoms? No, its what America has always done and stood for, freedom of business & corporation to do as they will. Even at the cost of fucking the people saddly. But its what makes us the greatest richest country in the world even at our lowest.

Don't you know? The rich favorite pass time is screwing the people.


It really doesn't matter. Should tech companies have such a monopoly? No. But as long as they do, they can do with their platforms as they wish. The monopoly they have over your phone and apps? That shouldn't exist but as long as it does and people let it happen, they can do with the platforms as they wish, including randomly shut them down.


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Cutting off a company just because the American President wants join its platform, so he is not censored, so he can freely talk to the American people and the rest of the world is TREASON and an act of war. He is OUR COMMANDER AND CHIEF. This is the CIA preventing him from speaking to his PEOPLE. ITS COMPLETE BULLSHIT AND THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN FOR DOING IT. Where the hell are the Marines when you need them?


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There is a prophecy at Revelation 16:13 that says: "I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs, they came out of the mouth of the dragon(Satan), out of the mouth of the beast (The Governments) and out of the mouth of the false prophet(The 7th world power as described in the bible).

This describes the propaganda that will exist deep in the last days of prophecy. Do the above events of social media play a part in this? Maybe, and probably.


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Yes, finally capitalism works; can't wait to see what shithole that toxic..racist app needs to run on to provide a service. Check the data leak of the public data, I saw so many Nwords being used.. a lot of coordination for the capital riot, and a lot of posting of stuff I can't even stomach...even talk of euthanizing the unfortunate and the people who are born with a disability.

If you'd all like a link I"m sure I could reupload the data or I could send a link to the original file source... parlor had a lot of bad people on it who weren't banned nor contacted by an admin. I think it's justified and they can easily host themselves on third-party app can still get it on iPhone, you can still get it on android due to the new hosting... I would have enjoyed a newer system that doesn't require banning and deplatforming...because on the other side of this... it hurts the FBI, CIA...and DHS's ability to find these radicals and people who are seriously harming America.... I understand that radical left are on twitter and radical right are on parlor...but it's good to allow them to be there so the security forces of America can easily follow along with them.... It's a touchy topic...but it's good to keep parlor mainstream so we can get the radical fucks who go out and hurt...riot and protest...just like we do with twitter and facebook...we use social media to talk...and find bad people... banning an app that's loved by the right-wing... (Especially) right wing radicals is bad...because it'll help us disseminate who is normal...who is leading radical right parties...and who is just following... aka... we can stop the bad people and find out what they are doing easier.. just like the DHS/FBI does with Antifa/BlacklivesMatter Radicals.... I don't agree fully with the ban... it's good that they don't have a platform that the radicals are protected on...but a subpoena/ request for information by the FBI/DHS would have done a lot better per-person case...the info we's a detriment to this country .

Just like Twitter, parlor hosts radicals... the difference is "who is our investor"...will supporting this hurt our investors... yes...then shut that shit down by any means necessary... Vs... Is this hurting our investors/not providing our users with security/country with security... I think the concept of security is bigger than the concept of "what they say and do is amazingly wrong...they shouldn't be able to speak" , radicals are everywhere and the radicals are easier to follow than the normal American...

If you ask me...personally: I don't have any proof.....nor will I claim to have proof but I've worked with some concepts and stuff relating to Security..... I believe Facebook/Twitter/Insta has a unilateral shadow agreeance with the American government... they get funding due to hosting servers for security services and pathways to communicate.... and they typically hand over data in private when it's needed to find if a user is "Radical/a threat to American interests" releasing dms...movements... and such... Parlor on the other side was known for being a "Fully free platform" aka... private messages weren't pulled... and the data that the FBI/DHS wanted wasn't provided... you notice that the govn't goes easy on the big guys...but it's because the big guys help our government in so many guys don't understand it... From amazon to Facebook...they do a fucking lot.... from movements (if you have tracking enabled for the app) to your dms and private messages and posts on your page... it's a trove of information...

There is a reason why not a lot of what the president does is "Digitial" the majority of talks with him are directly on paper..unless they need to be in digital by god-given nature.

Data today is hounded... from your your posts on the internet with big tech...

Security today is greater then it was in 2010.... shadow agreements and "Untalked" about agreements allow for this... psh... you think we are going to give Amazon/Facebook a sum of money if they don't provide us with anything besides a base if you look at what we do for delta and shit it's becuase we use them for operations and transportation.. hush money..and we have access to the cameras in the terminal and we have access to flight data without a sopena or anything.. they give it to us due to how "we" assist them...

You can call me a nut...and you can call me a conspiracy theorist...but in reality, you have to piece all of this together...the people who don't comply...don't' make's scary...and I know it sounds Orwellian..but I consider our system to be better then china..who gives you points..all of this is enacted if you are a proven leader of a radical movement/group.

Our agencies like swiftness..we don't like to go to court when we can have ease of access....Donald trump agreed with this...and every American president and every person that's ever been in intel has agreed with this...

I suggest you all re-read prism...the stuff Snowden released..that's all I can really give to you.