How to choose EAS security system



Today we talk about how to choose the EAS security system. The EAS security system, as its name implies, is a combination of EAS and security systems. It can also be said that the EAS system is only a branch of the security system.

So what is the security system?
The security & protection system referred to as SPS. In China, its standard is defined as the intrusion alarm system, video security monitoring system, entrance, and exit control system, BSV LCD video wall system, access control fire system, and security guard products and other related products to maintain social public safety. Explosion-proof safety inspection systems, etc.; or electronic systems or networks in which these systems are combined or integrated as subsystems. In the world, it is more called Loss prevention & Crime prevention. Loss prevention is the task of the security industry, and crime prevention is the responsibility of the police law enforcement department. The full name of the security system is the public security system, which protects personal and property safety, information, and communication security, and achieves the purpose of loss prevention and crime prevention.

The composition of the security system

A complete security system should have the following functions:

Image monitoring function

Detection alarm function

Control function

Automated accessibility

Security systems can be divided into intrusion alarm systems and access control systems and other systems. EAS system can be considered as a type of access control system.

So what is the EAS system?
EAS is short for Electronic Article Surveillance and is one of the most widely used commodity security measures in the large retail industry. It is a high-tech electronic anti-theft device. It uses high-tech means to give goods a self-defense ability, which can effectively protect goods and prevent theft of goods. 90% of the retail industry uses EAS systems to reduce theft rate. The EAS system is gradually accepted and adopted by the majority of merchants. EAS system is the most reliable and economical high-tech management tool to reduce theft and reduce losses. There are four main technologies in the EAS system, namely radio frequency, electromagnetic, acoustic-magnetic, and radio frequency identification.

How to choose the EAS security system?
I.Detection rate

The detection rate refers to the average detection rate of undegaussed labels in all directions in the monitoring area, which is a good performance index to measure whether the EAS system is reliable.

For the three most commonly used technologies in EAS systems, the most advanced acoustic and magnetic technology has a benchmark average detection rate of over 95%, Nanjing Bohang AM system can reach 99%. And average 60-80% for RF systems, Nanjing Bohang RF system can reach 95%.and average 50-70% for EM.

2.Anti-shielding ability
Metal shielding can interfere with the detection of security labels. Such effects include the use of metal articles such as foil-wrapped food, cigarettes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and metal products such as batteries, CD/DVD, hairdressing supplies, and hardware tools. Even metal shopping carts and shopping baskets can block security systems.

Radiofrequency systems are particularly susceptible to shielding, and large metal objects can also affect the electromagnetic system. Acoustic magnetic EAS system is generally only affected by all-metal products, such as cookware, because of the low-frequency magnetoelastic coupling. It is very safe for most other commodities.

3.False alarm rate
Labels from different EAS systems often cause false alarms. Labels that are not properly degaussed can also cause false alarms. A high false-positive rate makes it difficult for employees to intervene in security incidents, causing conflicts between customers and stores. Although false alarms cannot be completely ruled out, false-positive rates are a good indicator of system performance.

4.Anti-interference ability
Interference can cause the system to automatically issue an alarm or reduce the detection rate of the device, and the alarm or non-alarm has nothing to do with the anti-theft tag. This can happen in the event of a power outage or excessive ambient noise.

RF systems are particularly susceptible to this environmental disturbance. Electromagnetic systems are also susceptible to environmental disturbances, especially magnetic fields. However, AM EAS system is extremely resistant to environmental disturbances because it is controlled by a computer and uses a unique resonance technique.

5.Protect different types of goods
Retail goods can generally be divided into two categories. One type of soft goods, such as clothing, footwear, and textile goods, can be protected by a reusable EAS hard tag. The other type of hard goods, such as cosmetics, food, and shampoo, can be protected by EAS disposable soft labels.

How EAS works?
A detector is provided at the exit or cashier channel of the exit. The detector includes a transmitter and a receiver. When the transmitter sends a signal at a specific frequency, the receiver receives the signal, thereby generating a monitored area.

When the EAS tag that has not been processed by the cashier passes through the detection area, it will cause interference, and when the receiver detects the interference, an audible alarm will be triggered. This video is to explains how EAS works.

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