Huawei's Meng Wanzhou 'to be freed' in US deal


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A senior executive of Chinese technology giant Huawei is due to appear virtually in a US court after a deal to resolve fraud charges, according to media reports.

Meng Wanzhou was detained nearly three years ago in Canada at the request of US authorities, sparking an international row.
Ms Meng says she is innocent and has been fighting extradition to the US.

The incident has strained China's relations with the US and Canada.


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China releasing two Canadians in accordance to the US deal:

What I want to know is what the hell we are getting out of it. Not Canada.
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I believe, this is part of the whole deal:

American Siblings Barred From Leaving China for 3 Years Return to U.S.

Their release coincided with an agreement on Friday that cleared the way for a senior executive of Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecommunications giant, to return to China.

China has allowed two American siblings who were barred from leaving the country for more than three years to return to the United States, after a Justice Department deal that cleared the way for a senior executive of Huawei Technologies to go back to China, their lawyer said Monday.

The release of Victor Liu, a student at Georgetown University, and Cynthia Liu, a consultant at McKinsey & Company, was the latest in a series of moves that appeared intended to de-escalate tensions between the United States and China after the Huawei deal. The two had never been accused of wrongdoing but were subject to an “exit ban” preventing them from leaving China.