Increase in Emergency readiness threads


Does the increase of these threads indicate a general expectation of things going south or is it just a coincidence?
Internet Noise and the actual situation are almost always completely detached, make of it what you will but the closest the world ever came to nuclear war was completely uknown ay the the time (able archer).


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Unfortunately, most people tend to not think about preparedness until a crisis is actually looming. We have stated over and over again that the time to prepare for *any* disaster - including nuclear war - is while everything is perfectly normal.

We are facing multiple global crises simultaneously:
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Global Pandemic

If none of these have motivated people to prepare for the possibility of extended self-sufficiency, I'm not sure what will. Bottom line: If you do not have a *bare minimum* of 72 hours worth of non-perishable food and stored water for every person in your household, you need to go do that this weekend. Stop putting it off.

(That 72 hours is the official DHS preparedness guideline. I recommend a minimum of 90 days. But that's just me.)