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This isn't the first time they've done this. It isn't appearing to be some sneak attack.
Yes, but timing is very convenient Taliban in Kashmir and now in Bangladesh. India is feeling cornered. If you do your own research you can see thousands perhaps millions of Hindus on the run in several regions around India by the Taliban/Pakistan.

India is feeling really cornered with two ongoing crisis on both sides of its border. Their government will have to do somthing to save face. Their people are being slaughtered on a record number very recently by muslim extremists. Never seen tensions rise so fast before.

Seprate but related issue started a different thread:
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For my own information, is the guy in India with his hands on the nuke button, comfortable enough to stay relaxed during these insurrections, or should we stay more concerned about La Palma?


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What is your take given this recent information?
Anytime there is conflict there’s risk, and this is always a hot one.
India it seems from these few Twitter reports India is asserting their intent here.
But is is hard to say with local social media reporting or any social media reporting. Especially when it comes to the severity and impact the incidents might provoke.
Could be international incident or some bot farm trying to fan the flames of discontent.


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Third time in five years. If this was a build up to an attack, they're taking their sweet time about it.

All kidding aside, we are watching.
Keep in mind it's a big picture sort of thing. A single submarine caught intruding? Just a hiccup. When we see major hardware movements throughout the country, especially to the borders, my palms will start to get sweaty.


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Kashmir Capital Under Heavy Attack

Military and milita heavy movements in captial & heavy battles occuring on the streets. Blackouts & internet blackouts are under effect in the region to control the narrative... @RiffRaff there's your military activity/movement starting.
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