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I think it would be a positive thing for DWS staff members to post a little bit about ourselves so the community can get to know us better. The community reads from us all the time but hardly know who we are. 🙂


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Hello I go by Darknoon in reference to a solar eclipse. I went to University of Madison in Wisconsin and obtained several political degrees mostly in the field of foreign politics. I took those degrees and went to serve as a US foriegn service officer for decades living across the world, but now retired and living rest of my days in Florida. I am very knowledgeable, paired with many real life experiences in the field of world affairs & geopolitics.

I'm a bit of a heavy trader with a very wide stock portfolio from materials, metals, and currencies. Have about 40 years of personal economic experience in the global markets.

I am a very open book, easy going, very understanding so long as things stay respectful, and happy to answer any and all questions. Personal note my only hobby is to sail the ocean blue and a very outspoken independent politically.

Lastly I am a committed staff member, my duties include administrating Discord Server so please contact me about Discord issues & administrating forums too as currently the only dedicated moderator so please do contact me on the forums for any issues as well and will take care of any problem quickly.


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I have been studying nuclear war, effects of nuclear weapons, nuclear strategy, and Cold War history since the early 1980s, when I read a magazine article titled "The Next Nuclear War." It was that research that eventually led to me stumbling upon the DEFCON Warning System. Like the Director, I am mostly self-taught in these topics, although I did take some Cold War era history classes in college. Recently, I have been studying various methods of collecting and analyzing Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to improve my ability to contribute to DWS.

I have training from our local DHS in disaster preparation, response, & psychology, emergency medical triage & treatment, search & rescue, emergency communications, and the National Incident Command System. I have participated in many disaster simulations in Indianapolis, both as a first responder and a trainer. In addition to that, I have been a certified severe weather spotter with the Indianapolis National Weather Service since 1996, with advanced spotter training added in 2003. I have worked many storm damage zones for both hurricanes and tornadoes.

Although I attended school for music performance with a Criminal Justice minor, I started my professional career as a network security administrator. I began switching to safety and security after 9/11. I am currently working as a safety & security specialist consulting with many different companies on OSHA, employee safety, and corporate security, specializing in workplace violence and active shooter response. I am an authorized OSHA trainer in both construction and general industry, as well as a trained incident investigator. I am also an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED instructor, and I am currently enrolled in college courses that will allow me to train second responders on OSHA safety protocols in disaster areas.

I am a hard-core science fiction fan, with some of my favorites being Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, and the Terminator series, just to name a few. My wife and I live on a couple of acres with our dog in the country, far from any strategic targets, and can be fairly self-sufficient for months in the event of a national or global disaster of any kind. Hopefully, it will never come to that.

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I started researching nuclear war back in the early 80's. I"ve always been interested in disaster, and this is the biggest disaster Mankind can face. Well, in this life anyway. Those without Christ will face an even bigger disaster afterwards.

I am a firefighter/EMT. I've been in Search and Rescue and even did 911 for a short time.

Politically, I am a secessionist. I would move to Canada if I could, but don't qualify for any of their programmes. For a country that demands the United States admit millions of refugees, Canada is remarkably restrictive about their own immigration.

Religiously, I am a staunch, practicing born again Christian. I strive to keep The DEFCON Warning System politically neutral. It doesn't matter what side you're on when it comes to some psychopath wanting to launch nuclear weapons.
Hello there,
I'm Friendly Engineer (or F.E.), I have a massive interest in nuclear engineering and hope to study it in the future, I am currently a college student studying A-Levels in Physics, Chemistry and Maths (I live in Britain so you'll see me use British English a lot). I'm not religious, but respect those who are. I'm a radio ham, gamer, shooter, and have interests in computer hardware and politics. I try to keep up with world events and stay informed. I'm also a bit of a movie guy, I love watching TV & Films, and like RiffRaff I have an affinity for Sci-fi, but really I'll watch any well made film. Coffee = 🤮. Tea is the best thing since sliced bread, a nice cup of yorkshire tea with a splash of milk with a couple of digestive biscuits is heaven.
Lastly, I manage the discord, so if you have and discord-related issues bring them to me.