Iran Probably Already Has the Bomb. Here’s What to Do about It


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Yup. Their nuclear program was years ahead of anything DPRK had, and we saw how that turned out. They're wise to keep it under wraps. The minute they go public that they possess nuclear weapons, Israel will lose its collective mind.


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The bigger problem now Iran, Russia and China have joined forces . Now Russia can sort out Europe, while Iran and Pakistan sort out middle East and India.China can assist them with India at the same time as , Philippines etc. Nothing easier than dividing enemy resources e.g..western world's military on so many fronts at same time. Ww3 closer and closer. One starts opportunity for all. Divide and conquer.


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Story old a man.
uruk has a new club
Get me a new club!
Curious thought the one way the US could be stood down is if they are caught in a weak position and presidency. A few well placed incursions amongst those mentioned.
some back channel messages and the US stands down.
Maybe it already 2014 in 2014.
One doesn’t have to be public about it to repeat Chamberlain’s mistakes


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I mean what ever happened to speak softly and carry a big stick.
Just because you carry the BFS on the field doesn’t mean your going to swing first.