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Israel Conflict | REPORTS

The bill to define UNRA as a terrorist organization passed unanimously in the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee and will go to the first reading in the Knesset plenum. MK Yulia Malinovski initiated the law: "UNRA's crimes on October 7 and the agency's cooperation over the years with terrorist organizations are unacceptable sorry"


Well done.
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Israel on the move against Hezbollah.
The one killed in Syria: Yasser Karnabash - a close associate of Nasrallah, who was his bodyguard and today is a key figure in the unit responsible for transferring weapons from Syria to Lebanon. According to reports, he was killed in the vehicle he was driving on the road between Damascus and Beirut
Recap of morning events:
The IDF says some 40 rockets were launched at the Golan Heights in the latest barrage from Lebanon.

One of the rockets directly struck a car near the Nafah Junction, critically wounding a man and a woman, medics say.

Separately, the IDF says it struck a building used by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon's Kafr Kila earlier today.
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Two mortally wounded by a rocket hitting a car in the north of the Golan Heights Israel.

Two people were killed as a result of a missile falling on a car in the Golan.

The barrage to the Golan Uri Kellner, Head of the Golan Regional Council to @mayarachlin: "There is a difficult evening here and an equation that we have been shouting for a long time that needs to be broken. The Golan should be out of bounds and the State of Israel should have switched from defense to attack a long time ago, Israel is working with tweezers"

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The attack Wednesday targeted a ship south of Mocha, the British military’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations center said. The captain reported explosions off the ship's side. The β€œvessel and all crew are safe,” the UKMTO said. β€œThe vessel is proceeding to its next port of call.”

Israel Orders All Palestinians to Leave Gaza City​

Turkish Muslim site but seems to be trying to be neutral and non-biased (it’s not but most aren’t on either side)
NEW: The Biden administration has decided to lift its hold on the 500-pound bombs to Israel, saying its main concern has been the use of 2,000-pound bombs in densely populated Gaza and particularly Rafah. The hold on those bombs remains. @steveholland1 confirming @WSJ reporting

A report by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency released Wednesday linked the attack on the Strinda, which set the vessel ablaze, to Tehran, the Houthi's main backer in Yemen's nearly decadelong war. The findings correspond with those of a Norway-based insurers group that also examined debris found on the Strinda.
It comes as the Houthis continue their monthslong campaign of attacks over the Israel-Hamas war, targeting ships in the Red Sea corridor, disrupting the $1 trillion flow of goods passing through it annually while also sparking the most intense combat the U.S. Navy has seen since World War II.
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