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Just Got Over Covid & Experiencing Loss Of Smell & Taste


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Feb 6, 2024
Southern Florida
Was only mildly sick for the past 4-6 days. But now feeling almost entirly better tho.... my sence of smell is totally whacked. Everything I smell smells like rubbing alcohol and tastes like it too.

Anyone else suffering similar after having covid? If so did it go away? Also anything I can do to help it go away faster and get my smell and taste back?
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Not to get off topic but I attribute my mild symptoms while I was sick and the short length of time I was sick is because I was vaccinated. I'm older and a high risk, so feel lucky it was so mild.

But I find it odd I lost my smell and taste after feeling better and not while I was sick. 🤔
Glad you are feeling better.
Yes me too. Felt very fatigued and muscle aches everywhere. Mild cough and runny nose. But that's all cleared up in less then a weeks time which is incredible, shortest time being sick ever.

Though now my sence of smell and taste is whacked now that I am feeling better. :(

had Covid but never lost the sense of smell. and taste.
Lucky. Cause it sucks.
Lol I just got over it too with lack of taste and smell. Its back now and I feel fine but I am very happy it is over. Tacos were good tho.
Lol I just got over it too with lack of taste and smell. Its back now and I feel fine but I am very happy it is over. Tacos were good tho.
But did you get the chronic fatigue with it. In early 2023 I caught Covid while battling another chronic infection. Triggered a severe fatigue syndrome. When it was at its peak in June last year I could barely stay up for 3 hours at a time. Because my immune system was thrashed and I had other deficits include a mental impact I was more or less instructed by the Medical Board I had to retire due to concerns on my fitness to practice. It is now 18 months and come midday I still find I have to lay down and have a siesta for about 3 hours then get up again if I want to function until about 6:30, At least I am no longer having to sleep up to 16+ hours per day. I am now down to 12 hours per day.

It is very hard for someone who used to have a dozen things on the go at the same time and only sleep up to 6 hours before bouncing into the day and my projects. I now drag my arse out of bed and have a few cups of strong coffee with breakfast while I spend the next hour waking up in the chair to get ready to do things. I have only just started walking the dogs again every few days as tolerated. You are lucky you did not get hit by the chronic fatigue part that some people have complained about. I can tell you from personal experience that it is devastating and you really start to miss your pre-covid body.
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