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Kirk Cameron Denied Story-Hour By Libraries For New Faith-Based Kids Book

The book only came out. It is possible B&N hasn't listed it yet. Or that Cameron is just selling it through Amazon. I have a couple books that are Amazon exclusive. Other books took time to show up in other distributors' catalog.

Not unusual for a small publication book.

I don't know what that link is supposed to be to other than his book.

Again, new book, small publication.

Have you read the book? What about it teaches hate?

So far, I haven't seen anything to back up a claim that Cameron is "projected something worse that's not being covered, or the guy was acting entitled, maybe got rejected by a few and lashed out and got himself in a position" nor that "who's clearly trying to advertise because their book isn't selling much."
I am currently thinking about buying it and refunding my money right after just to quote specific parts, but I don't want to do that because that's even worse. I was reading parts of the book itself that were public on the photos.
If you don't have reviews it's because people aren't buying, if you don't have sales anywhere it's because it's not moving. Brave's amazon only moves small quantities. you can use logic to determine it.
He want to discuss 'fake news'?

Oh the ironing.

Never mind the news-stand, he should check the nightstand.
WHat is wrong with people allowing queer-friendly and gender-fluid-friendly books be hosted? Why does it have to always be anti-gay? Why does this always have to be people saying "it's because I"m gay, it's because I'm straight".
I don’t know. Maybe these folks do

Why is @American_Girl promoting gender ideology in their children’s books?
This is blatant grooming. Stop confusing children with this nonsense.

I don't know anything about this. But likly the author has some kinda background or is for something like making gay marriage being illegal or some racist incident on his record.

I won't be responding any further no matter how juicy you make the response. ;) Just want to say this is entirely overblown and no one should really give to much thought or energy into this.
This what the doll company is doing is breaking the child indoctrination of right wing you are what you are born and you can't change it.

If someone wants to swap or claim another, let them instead of going prick mode because human jealousy rages in your brain. People being happy with themselves in their life shouldn't anger you. These attacks on gays and the breaking of right-wing discussion on trans and gay individuals is a modern day civil rights fight at this point and that's why this happens.

The fact that we are even arguing this is just proving it more.
Should someone be belittled because they don't like the assigned gender, they are gay, or they wish to have their life in their hands and we promote that individuals should do the best they can to be happy instead of the current negative stigma of society that eventually makes them kill themselves? How would you like it if a job defined who you were and if you were lower class people told you to kill yourself, or possibly middle class kill yourself? What if someone shot down the asperations that made you want to strive to do better and continue, or stated that you're invalid and your feelings as a human was 100% invalid.
I used to work in a UK public library and we only had author readings from very popular folk and librarian led storytimes. I know there's since been publicity about drag queens leading story time but my understanding was that it was primarily a theatrical telling and demonstrating that people can be different. It sounds like Kirk Cameron will have plenty of publicity whatever he does.

I'll be interested in this story as the UK catches cold when the US sneezes.