Major UK Supermarkets Impose Coronavirus Rationing

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Morrisons has become the first major supermarket in the UK to impose rationing on certain items to stop Britons panic-buying after the government imposed further coronavirus restrictions and said another lockdown could be activated.

At the start of the pandemic, particularly in March and April, the UK saw supermarket shelves emptied of essentials like toilet paper, pasta, flour, tinned foods, and medicines, leading food retailers to strictly limit purchases of such items for months. The panic-buying coincided with increasing warnings from the government over the possibility of a lockdown, with restrictions put in place on March 23rd.

The government and media have been reporting since earlier this month on the rising number of infections, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing fresh social distancing restrictions on September 9th. In anticipation that Boris Johnson’s government was about to impose another set of rules, or even a second lockdown, media reported on Monday that in recent days some supermarkets were seeing a repeat of runs of certain items. Toilet roll purchases have seen a 23 per cent increase in one week, for example.