Massive floods threaten Ericson Dam and Nebraska Nuclear Generating Station


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Unprecedented flooding in the Midwest could cause further destruction in Kansas, now that the Ericson Dam and the nuclear power plant are at great risk.
Other nuclear power plants along the Missouri, such as the Cooper nuclear power plant, take important precautions to avoid similar breaches. It has been reported that plant workers placed sandbags around the perimeter of the building.

On Thursday, the region reportedly lost another small powerhouse when the Spencer Dam broke on the Niobrara River and caused a large floe to block a hole in the building.

Mark Becker, spokesman for the Nebraska Public Power District, said that if the river level reaches a critical 45.5-foot peak, which should occur, the nuclear power plant will have to be shut down. If this happens, more than 35% of the Nebraska state's electricity will be cut off.