Military Activity In Guam


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Possibly because of opinion pieces from CCP state media.

“With the deepening of China-US differences and with Washington going too far in suppressing the mainland, misjudgments and rash moves made by Taiwan will likely turn the Taiwan Straits into a flashpoint that will severely impact the world order in the post-pandemic era. The island will face real danger at that time”

The CCP will not go with a fight and I believe it is safe to assume all options are on the table for them.
They are suffering an incredible economic and social trail.
Real international opinion is turning in mass against them. Six corporate press companies do not reflect reality only a narrative.

Ask yourself this even if the release of the Wuhan virus is completely accidental which I believe it probably is. It’s effects are completely inline with an asymmetric attack.
If they believe their backs are against the cliff and they believe the US is destabilize internally and possibly militarily does this present an opportunity in a crisis?

Keep your eyes on the dragon.


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US Air Force deploys four B-1 bombers, 200 airmen to Guam for deterrence missions

Four B-1B bombers and about 200 airmen from Texas arrived in Guam on Friday to conduct training and operations with allies and partners, the Air Force said.

The Lancers and airmen flew in from the 9th Bomb Squadron, 7th Bomb Wing, at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, the service said in a statement Friday.

They were deployed to support Pacific Air Forces in training allies and partners and to reinforce the “rules-based international order” in the Indo-Pacific region through strategic deterrence missions, the statement said.

The Air Force did not disclose the length of the deployment.



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Those ultra long training missions with long flight times are just flat dumb. All it does is kill the pilots and weapons officers spines and make them hate the job let alone put too much time on airframes we need to keep as in good shape as possible. Our pilots can do what we need them to do when it comes to it but we don't need to kill them and the planes beforehand as both are in short supply at the moment.