New ‘dangerous chemical’ leak detected at NUCLEAR WASTE site in Washington state


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FTA: “There is no increased health or safety risk to the Hanford workforce or the public.”

Right. Wasn't that exact same statement issued by Japan about Fukushima and Russia about Chernobyl?

Edit: Someone find out what chemicals we're talking about and I'll look them up in my ERG manual to see what it says about safe perimeters and evacuation radius.


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Not necessarily a new leak, abatement has been going on for 30yrs.

Another no good solution situation.

Cadmium leeches out of disposed or damaged solar panels surprisingly easy.
given there are now 100’s of tons of solar panels in use today and exponentially more to come. And that’s just the disposal issue.
That and there are no current guidelines to recycle or safely dispose of them. Solar panels are probably a bigger environmental issue for the future.
Our grandchildren will be asking themselves “what were they thinking
were the ignorant lazy greedy?”