North/South Korea | 2022



Nothing will happen just like nothing happened the last time, and the time before, and the time before...
It wouldn't call a nuclear test nothing, but well if the US does nothing after that it would be a loss of face.
Who would still believe the US when they couldn't even detere North Korea to test nuclear weapons?
And so what will happen then is the nuclear armament of all countries that no longer feel protected by the American nuclear shield.
And nuclear war would become more likely than ever.


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It wouldn't call a nuclear test nothing
It pretty much is. Sure DPRK gets a lot of hard factual data in these tests to further or more quickly advance their bomb designs. But other then just making more progress to bigger better nuclear bombs,... not much to worry about really. US won't do anything but some military drills like we have the past 8 or so tests.

We go through this every year with DPRK i.e drills, missile tests, tit for tats, and the occasional nuke test.

Until we see a change in tune or patterns from North Korea, not really on my radar of imminent concern.

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South Korea detects apparent North Korean artillery fire:

North Korea suspected of conducting artillery fire drills: