(Not debate, simply educational talks) Cup Theory


What if the universe works as a simple cup, you fill it and it continues to push up the old while replacing the past with new. Generally, saying the universe rewrites itself from bottom to top once it reaches the "end" of its mass/space, I haven't seen much chatter about something like this, but I'm also not an astronomer or anything like that, but I also believe old to the top new to the bottom comes from gravity when it comes to liquids and solids., because typically black holes create that same... structure as water when you pour more water into it....like you know, it makes a small cylinder type shape and pushes the old from the bottom to the top, meanwhile black holes suck in...maybe it's a kind of displacement or removal of old for new?

(this may sound really uneducated/stupid, but I'm just looking for any type of input on the topic, I don't have any history or background in space, besides a few articles and a few pages read)


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As a Christian, I don't support the theory proposed. But it certainly could make a good Doctor Who episode!
I'm more or less for religious on the Christian side but I do have a slight belief in science and I kind of think on really abstract stuff, but i think the whole idea of the water pushing the old water up refers to gravity, meanwhile in space..after watching a few videos, I believe all of it just smashes together and well... when it smashes together the physics of the new droplet..aka the one with motion hits the one without/with less motion and pushes it out...of it's standing position with the amalgamation of the other water droplets.


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Science and Christianity are not opposites. In fact, science was originally the study of how God did things in the physical world.
I wish more Christians realized that science is not their enemy, nor is it antithetical to their belief structure.

As for the theory proposed, most physicists believe that everything that will ever be "created" already has been on the subatomic level; it's just that it is constantly changing form. One of Einstein's proofs is that you cannot create or destroy matter or energy - you can only alter their states from one to another. Humans have been converting matter into energy for tens of thousands of years, but converting energy into matter is still mostly beyond our technology. Your analogy would be more accurate if instead of adding "new" water you converted water to steam and then back to water again, displacing "old" water towards the top where it will eventually become steam, thereby creating a simplistic cyclical model of how the universe works.