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Philippines & China Confrontation In South China Sea

Feb 28, 2020
Southern Florida
#BREAKING China says Philippines vessel 'deliberately stirred up trouble' before collision: state media
A government task force said in a statement that the "dangerous blocking maneuvers of China Coast Guard vessel 5203 caused it to collide with the Armed Forces of the Philippines-contracted indigenous resupply boat" about 25 kilometres (15 miles) from Second Thomas Shoal

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has said one of its boats suffered “minor structural damage” as Chinese ships tried to block a resupply mission in the South China Sea, in the latest confrontation in the disputed waters.
Jay Tarriela, the PCG spokesperson, said the incident took place early on Tuesday morning near Second Thomas Shoal where a small group of sailors have been living on board the Sierra Madre warship since it was grounded nearly 25 years ago. He shared videos and images on X showing a Chinese ship cutting across the bow of the Philippine resupply ship and the crew rushing to drop a buoy between the vessels. The PCG ships were accompanying the resupply boats.

Chinese coast guard ships fired water cannons at two Philippine patrol vessels Tuesday near a disputed shoal in the South China Sea, damaging both in the latest flare-up in an increasingly tense territorial conflict.
Philippine coast guard won't allow China reclamation at disputed shoal, official says.

More than a hundred Philippine civilians are set to sail to the South China Sea this week, risking a faceoff with dozens of Chinese vessels reportedly deployed near a shoal that’s been the site of recent clashes

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