Policy on Dead Links

We should really come up with an official policy on dead links since they can clog up the threads a bit, even if they may have had great information, they are no use to anyone if no one can see it. I am only bringing this up since I have seen them recently, mostly in report threads, around on the forum and figured that we should decide what to about them since it seems to be becoming more common as of late.


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I really dont see an issue with that. Links die. Do you want to go through the last 5 yrs and report anything thats down by now? Pages get taken down all the time for unknown and different reasons. So just ignore the posts for the time beeing and/or dont count them


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Replacing them with a link from the wayback machine might be a good idea. http://wayback.archive.org/
If you want somthing done about it then go and report all the posts with broken links @everyone. Then I'll delete them.

I'm the only dedicated mod here with my hands already full. Other staff are regular users but not "dedicated" to the forums,... so good luck getting them to do that. Just being honest here.

The internet is and always has been full of broken links. This place isn't "above" the problems of the internet. ;)


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I've been receiving reports of dead links but I honestly don't think it's sufficient cause to delete a post. Links die occasionally.